Transforming Your Business With 'Best Practice' HR Operating Models

26 November 2020

Jenine Waters, National Leader, People Advisory |
Maryanne Carter, Partner, People Advisory |

When is the right time to look at your human resources (HR) operating model? It can be obvious for some organisations when you can see that HR is not supporting the business in the way it needs to. But what about when things are ticking along well? What are the flags that it may be time to prepare to change – before you are standing on a burning platform? When everyone around you is evolving does it mean you need to prepare for change as well?

In this webinar, Jenine Waters, Maryanne Carter and Vanessa Vaillant discuss how to learn about the biggest trends in HR operating models and what you should consider in your organisation, however big or small, including:

  • What is an operating model and why is it important?
  • When is the right time to look at your HR operating model?
  • Trends in HR models over time
  • What is 'hot' today and what will deliver results


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