Leadership & Succession Planning

An effective succession plan is crucial for any business. However, leadership succession planning is often something that doesn’t get the time and attention that it deserves. When it’s time for the leadership and senior management of a business to change, choosing key people can be one of the most critical decisions an organisation can make. Helping them transition into leadership roles, and supporting them as they continue their journey is equally important.

It’s important to recognise that the most constant thing about business is change and that no business is immune to the risks that change presents to an organisation. From losing top-level organisational knowledge to the escalation of internal power struggles that result in a negative emotional and cultural impact across the entire organisation, failing to implement a clear succession plan can expose a business to unnecessary risk. This is especially important where leadership and business-critical roles are involved.

How BDO can help 

Our team of People Advisory specialists provide advice on all aspects of leadership and succession planning, providing you with peace of mind that your new leadership team is just that - the right leaders for your organisation. BDO's succession planning services for businesses include:

  • Director and executive succession planning
  • Leadership profiling and capability needs assessments
  • Leadership team effectiveness
  • Executive recruitment and selection.

As part of the succession planning process and establishment of new leadership within your organisation, our team can also help with the recruitment and selection of your next key hire.

BDO also has business planning specialists who can assist with succession planning for family businesses to ensure the next generation is ready to take control and achieve a suitable balance between the needs of your family and your business.

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