NDIS Readiness Review – are you on the right track for 2016?

07 December 2015

David Andrews, Strategy & Transformation Lead at BDO Brisbane |

I recently attended the inaugural ‘New World’ conference hosted by the National Disability Insurance Agency (NDIA). With the not-for-profit sector preparing for the National Disability Insurance Scheme (NDIS), the turnout was very strong and it was a great experience to join over 1300 delegates at the event. 

Over three days, the conference played host to dynamic exchanges between individuals, technology specialists, entrepreneurs, policy makers and service providers. This diverse mix of subject matter experts made for some very interesting and well-rounded sessions, made even more so by the presence of major technology players (including Apple and Microsoft) and fast growing start-ups with incredible offerings for the sector.

Some of the key themes that really stood out from the conference included:

  • The NDIS reshaping funding access with an attitude favouring investment and early intervention
  • The inevitability of change as the NDIS fundamentally ’turns on its head‘ the depth and breadth of service offerings available to the sector
  • The strong and positive positioning of the NDIS as enabling a contestable market and not creating another over regulated government program.

New year, new opportunities

With 2016 less than a month away, there are still however many different opinions and views from within the sector, and at BDO we are frequently engaging with service organisations who are keen to understand:

  • How prepared disability service providers are for the new model; and
  • Whether most service providers have a formal strategy or transformation plans in place to best position them for the changes brought on by the NDIS.

NDIS: Are you on the right track?

As a disability services provider, you’ll need to actively consider your operations now to ensure you’re prepared for the NDIS roll out from 2016. While it may take several years for the scheme to be fully implemented, organisations that initiate new processes and invest in the right technology from the outset will be the ones that survive – and thrive.

Given the complexity of the transition and drastic impact it will have on the sector, you must account for all market changes and interdependencies. With the New Year nearly upon us, there are still many different views and opinions on how ready operators will be when the scheme is rolled out.

At BDO, we want to understand the sector’s level of preparedness and whether service providers have formal strategies and transformation plans in place to best position them for the NDIS. 

To do this, we’re launching the NDIS Readiness Review – a survey designed to determine if you’re on the right track!

Review your readiness now

We will be examining NDIS readiness in Queensland and further assessing current market conditions through the NDIS Readiness Review. This review incorporates an industry survey and a consolidated results index developed using the aggregated data collected.

This results index will offer you valuable insight into the readiness of the sector and help you capitalise on emerging opportunities and develop strategies for the challenges ahead.

The results will contain aggregated data only and no individual respondent level or identifying information will be made available. Review index results are expected to be released in March 2016. In recognition of participation in the Readiness Review, each organisation completing the survey component will be provided with an assessment of their own results and a consultation with aBDO specialist.


Please contact me if you have any questions in regards to NDIS Readiness Review or strategy planning.