Agility in the face of change - BDO continues to adapt with new appointments

24 June 2016

Tony Schiffmann , Chief Executive Partner |

It’s been another year of agility for our BDO offices in Brisbane and the Sunshine Coast. In the face of market changes we’ve come through with a range of service line expansions and new appointments.

The new appointments align closely with our key growth areas of risk advisory, banking and finance, consulting, corporate finance, and tax and advisory.

What this proves to me is that there is continued demand in the market for our broad service offering and there is genuine value in being ahead of the game. Doing so allows us to be nimble in our decision making and look beyond what’s currently happening in the market.

We continually think about what our clients need so we can come up with a plan to make that happen.

What we know is that business in Queensland is evolving at a rapid pace and our clients want help to ensure they can grow with it. As a result, their needs are constantly changing and their success relies on having a clear strategy to execute it — it’s our responsibility to have the right people to assist them through that process.

Whether our clients are seeking avenues for growth, improved efficiencies and security, or strengthened financing, we can support them at every step.

What I’m also proud about is that these appointments go beyond delivering value to our clients. They demonstrate the value we can deliver for our people.

Our people are rewarded for their contributions to the firm and they have a clear pathway within the business. A career at BDO is adaptable to the individual. None of our people are siloed into a service line and expected to stay there if their skill set and value to a client evolve into another area of focus.

Congratulations to our newest partners and associate directors for 2015/2016!


Other appointments

  • Yatra Forudi, Associate Director, Corporate Finance
  • Wayne Grant, Associate Director, Consulting
  • Anthony Hayley, Associate Director, Transfer Pricing