Considering MMT: Exploring both sides of the economic theory

Modern Monetary Theory (MMT) is a widely debated economic theory which suggests that the government, as the issuer of the currency, could simply create more money without consequence.

MMT challenges the established status quo, and in these unstable political and economic times, the debate is more prominent that ever.

BDO recently sat down with three well-credentialed economists for the three-part ‘MMT challenging the economic establishment’ webinar series, exploring all sides of the theory.

Following the webinar series we have created the ‘Considering Modern Monetary Theory (MMT) eBook, which details the following:

  • The basics of MMT
  • Rethinking key economic questions
  • The case against MMT
  • Concerns about debt
  • A zoomed-out view of MMT
  • Is MMT already in play?

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