Horizons - BDO's quarterly global mid-market review

16 February 2018


Each quarter, BDO’s international experts analyse global mid-market deal activity across a number of major regions and selected sectors around the world. In a global market of bewildering activity and endless choices, our findings offer you a satellite view of how the M&A market is evolving, and where it appears to be heading.

This report includes expert commentary on recent trends, predictions and forecasts of sector activity through our heat chart which predicts the most active sectors for company sales. Whether you are active on the buy or sell side or just alert to the latest opportunities, Horizons will provide you with invaluable insights into where and why investment is flowing, giving you more of the mid-market knowledge and insight you need.

Release Date Title
16/02/2018 Q1 2018 – Horizons
11/11/2017 Q4 2017 – Horizons
08/08/2017 Q3 2017 – Horizons
11/05/2017 Q2 2017 – Horizons
09/02/2017 Q1 2017 – Horizons
01/11/2016 Q4 2016 – Horizons
15/08/2016 Q3 2016 – Horizons
03/06/2016 Q2 2016 – Horizons
20/02/2016 Q1 2016 – Horizons
16/12/2015 Q4 2015 – Horizons
23/09/2015 Q3 2015 – Horizons
01/07/2015 Q2 2015 – Horizons

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