Debt challenges for the Food and Agribusiness sector

18 July 2018

In the food sector, we're seeing many clients struggle with working capital, the need for equipment finance and the need for additional funds to enable them to meet their production requirements is something that we're well placed in terms of getting them to identify where their issues lie, and then helping them to find solutions through either existing bankers or other providers of working capital.

In the agri space, even more challenges. The drought, and a lot of it. Challenges come with pricing, and exchange rates and demand. Tends to be never ending. We've done a lot of work in assisting primary producers with managing their cash flows, and helping them to prepare three way budgets, and that certainly helps when they're having to present to the bank and look for additional capital. And this is particularly pertinent as people emerge from drought, for restocking and requirements such as that.

BDO is a key supporter of the food and agribusiness sector in Australia, and very well placed to be able to meet our client's needs in solving these challenges and identifying opportunities.

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