Australian Scam Culture Report: December quarter 2023

Australian Scam Culture Report: December quarter 2023

As scammers persist in their efforts, Australians continue to be prime targets, with text messages and emails serving as primary channels for fraudulent schemes throughout the 2023 calendar year. However, activity across the dark web continues to cast a shadow, playing a significant role in the global landscape of cybercrime and scams.

Key scam activity insights from the quarter

Our Forensic Services team has released the third quarterly edition of BDO’s Scam Culture Report, which provides an analysis of scam activity during the December Quarter 2023. As outlined in the report there has been a 24% decline in the total dollars lost to scams during this quarter compared to the previous quarter and a 14% decline in the average number of reported incidents, even amidst the typically heightened scam activity observed during the festive season.

Scam behaviour trends

This report provides insight into the latest scam behaviour in Australia, including:

  • Persistent email and messaging scams
  • Decline in financial losses to scams
  • Increasing dark web prices.