Are you ready for Single Touch Payroll Reporting?

25 July 2017

This Government initiative is designed to streamline business reporting obligations, and will change to the way employers report their tax and superannuation. STPR will offer most businesses an opportunity to improve processes and procedures.

What it means for Aged Care facilities

It is a significant change for Aged Care facilities across the country.  Facilities with an employee head count of 20 or more will be required to align their standard business processes to comply with STPR from 1 July 2018, and for those smaller facilities – 1 October 2019. Facilities with an employee head count of 20 or more will be required to adopt and align reporting to their standard business processes. STPR will streamline the payroll process with the Australian Tax Office (ATO) as they will collect payroll data in real-time. A large portion of the Australian Aged Care sector will be caught up by this change. BDO is helping clients across all industries understand the STPR implications, how to prepare for the change, and where to begin.

BDO’s three steps to begin your STP transition

  1. Have detailed conversations with your accounting software provider/s to confirm whether the current payroll processing arrangements will support the changes
  2. Conduct a risk review of your current payroll procedures, including PAYG, superannuation, car allowances and the timeliness of payments
  3. Review and monitor your HR processes to ensure employees are being treated fairly and paid correctly.

BDO recommends you understand how this change applies to your organisation and begin planning your roll-over to this new reporting requirement. Need help? Visit our STPR Resource and Action page.