Rethinking Manufacturing - An Economic Perspective on Australia's Manufacturing Strategy

02 December 2020

Ryan Pollett, National Leader, Manufacturing & Wholesale
Partner, Audit & Assurance
Bill Cole, Partner, International Trade |

In the fifth webinar of our Rethinking Manufacturing series, Ryan Pollett, BDO National Manufacturing and Wholesale Leader, hosts industry experts Michael Sharpe, Bill Cole and Adelaide Timbrell to discuss the impact of the newly announced Modern Manufacturing Strategy on the Australian manufacturing landscape, including:

  • A breakdown of Australia’s Manufacturing Strategy, how it will shape the future of the sector and what manufacturers can expect. We will be unpacking the three main areas of the strategy - the Modern Manufacturing Initiative, Manufacturing Modernisation Fund and Supply Chain Resilience Initiative
  • A deep-dive into the major macroeconomic and global trends impacting Australian manufacturers, addressing:
    • The impacts of the COVID-19 economic downturn 
    • The JobMaker Hiring Credit and JobTrainer programs
    • Steps to reversing the decline in manufacturing employment
    • The journey towards greater industry diversification
    • Key international trade challenges and considerations
  • Analysis into the top opportunities and challenges that lay ahead for manufacturers in the next 12 months and how best to prepare
  • Manufacturing subsector-specific insights, analysis and recommendations focussing on the six national subsector priorities

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