Rethinking Manufacturing - How To Succeed Locally & Globally

05 August 2020

BDO is proud to present our 'Rethinking Manufacturing’ webinar series sharing insights and experiences from industry experts and specialists. In this series, the various panels will focus on the recent manufacturing-related challenges and opportunities arising from the COVID-19 crisis.

In our third webinar of the series, Michael Sharpe, AMGC National Director of Industry; Ryan Pollett, BDO National Manufacturing and Wholesale Leader; Bill Cole, BDO Partner and International Trade expert and David Fechner, BDO Corporate Finance Partner, discuss how Australian manufacturers can succeed locally and globally.

In today’s global, competitive and interconnected business environment, there’s no escaping the fact that the Australian Manufacturing Industry is highly dependent on overseas markets. However, for many manufacturers a key question remains: what manufacturing capabilities do we need to ensure self-sufficiency in the market, and where can we grow and be competitive globally?

In this webinar, we answer this question and more as our panel share their unique insights, experiences and know-how into Australian manufacturing and equip manufacturers with the knowledge and tools to take their business to the next level. Several key areas our panel discuss include:

  • Where is Australia strongest in terms of bringing innovation to the market?
  • What are the top up-and-coming manufacturing subsectors and opportunities
  • What does the AMGC’s roadmap for globally competitive manufacturing look like – how can Australia succeed?
  • In the quest to re-shore manufacturing, what balance needs to be struck?
  • What will the increased costs of moving onshore mean, and what are the benefits?
  • The finance and policy around global trade and exports.

We also encourage you to watch our previous webinars in this series: The Australian Experience and Innovation As An Outcome Of COVID-19.

To find out more about the Rethinking Manufacturing webinar series and register for future webinars, visit the link below or contact your local office.

Rethinking manufacturing webinar series

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