Rethinking Manufacturing – The Circular Economy

20 August 2020

Ryan Pollett, National Leader, Manufacturing & Wholesale
Partner, Audit & Assurance

BDO is proud to present our 'Rethinking Manufacturing' webinar series sharing insights and experiences from industry experts and specialists. In this series, the various panels will focus on the recent manufacturing-related challenges and opportunities arising from the COVID-19 crisis. They will highlight Australian experiences, the route towards innovation, how manufacturers can succeed locally and globally, the circular economy and more.

In our fourth webinar, Ryan Pollett, BDO National Manufacturing and Wholesale Leader, hosts a panel of industry experts to discuss manufacturing in Australia, including:

  • What are the current or future legislative, or voluntary conditions manufacturers should be aware of? How can they drive Australia’s overall strategy? E.g. Extended producer responsibility (EPR)
  • What opportunities are there to extract value from high value materials (such as e-waste)
  • How do you transition your business model to be more sustainable?
    • Redesigning products to be recycled, or putting your materials back into the manufacturing process
    • Revaluating production processes and creating strategic alignment with supply chain integration
  • How can manufacturers innovate to repurpose complex products?
  • What government incentives or other funds are there?
  • A comparative analysis across countries – what’s working, what’s not?
  • Circular Economy case studies

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