Inspiring Tomorrow – BDO clients leading the way

As consumers' preferences change and their sustainability expectations grow, retailers have the opportunity to create more sustainable products and business practices to align with their consumer base.

BDO has a wide range of retail clients, of which, many of which are making the successful switch to more sustainable business models. The Inspiring Tomorrow series is all about shining a light on these clients and their success stories - giving other retailers an idea of how to start their own sustainability journey.

As part of the Inspiring Tomorrow series, our retail and sustainability advisers have also developed a Sustainability Activation checklist, which you can access here.

In-person events for retail businesses

The retail landscape is evolving at an unprecedented pace. Retail leaders are expected to manoeuvre within challenging business conditions while also acting towards a sustainable future to meet customer expectations and impending mandatory reporting requirements. We are excited to bring together these in-person events, where leaders and experts in retail and circular economy will share their insights and experience to ‘inspire tomorrow’. 


Key Speakers


BDO Sydney
Level 11, 1 Margaret Street, Sydney

Tuesday 5 December
4:00pm – 6:30pm

John Bresolin - Partner, BDO in Australia

Andrew McFarlane - Partner, BDO in Australia

Stephen Kulmar - Owner & Founder, Retail Oasis

Anthony Chesler - CEO Thread Together

Michelle Nazzari - founder & CEO, Fonz Moto

Melissa Drennan - CEO, Green Friday

Kevin Frohbus - Partner, BDO in Australia


Inspiring Tomorrow

Our ‘Inspiring Tomorrow’ video series aims to showcase how organisations in the retail and wholesale space have taken concrete steps towards a more sustainable world. Their leaders share their ideas and journey. They are innovators, entrepreneurs, designers and futurists.

Let us show you their stories:

frank body

frank body

Want to break beauty standards. They celebrate, show, and champion bodies of all shapes, sizes, and abilities.

They are working towards reducing their environmental impact and recognise this is an ongoing journey.

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Fonz Moto

Fonz Moto

Build state-of-the-art zero-emission bikes using innovation, efficiency and intuitive design. Their bikes are fully customisable, but most importantly, they make a positive impact in reducing the world’s carbon footprint.

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Bring together leading retailers, resource recovery partners, resale channels and everyday Australians to give new life to items.

Together, they're creating a world where nothing useful goes to waste.

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Australian Bay Lobster Producers

Australian Bay Lobster Producers

Are dedicated to the advancement of sustainable land-based aquaculture biotechnology and progressive Australian wild catch fisheries.

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Intrepid Travel

Intrepid Travel

Make responsible, off-the-beaten-track adventures and believe that travel can make a positive change in the way we all see the world.

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BDO's retail services

BDO provides a full suite of retail solutions, including tailored audit, tax and advisory services that go beyond traditional retail consulting to give you access to cutting-edge daily data and analytics.

Our connections and experience see us working closely with retailers, banks, private equity houses, brokers, lawyers and property professionals specialising in the retail sector. We help combine these resources to help your business succeed.

BDO's team of expert advisers can help your retail business in a whole range of areas, including:

  • • Recommending new technology available to support your retail business
  • • Operational performance improvement
  • • Evolution of traditional retail business models
  • • Fraud and loss prevention
  • • Acquisitions, disposals and Initial Public Offers.

Contact a retail adviser to see how BDO can help your retail venture.

Resources for sustainable retailers

Our retail and sustainability teams have created a checklist to assist you and your business start your sustainability journey.

This checklist covers:

  • A six-step sustainability roadmap
  • Assessing the current state of sustainability in your business
  • How to prioritise the sustainability measures that are most important to your stakeholders
  • Committing to a sustainability approach
  • How to measure your success
  • Steps to take when starting reporting and what you need to report on
  • How to ensure you’re continually improving.


If you’re not sure where to start, you’re not alone. The sustainability journey can be difficult to begin, and reporting responsibilities change regularly, so having a partner assist you through the process is helpful.

BDO’s retail team has proven results in the sustainability field, offering a full suite of retail solutions for businesses of all sizes and industries. Contact us today for more information on how partnering with BDO can help you achieve your business goals.