Di Bella Coffee

21 July 2016

Steven Sorbello , National Leader, Corporate Finance |

Di Bella Coffee is one of Australia’s largest specialty coffee companies. When the Founder, Phillip Di Bella, was looking to sell the business his first port of call was BDO.

In just 13 weeks BDO guided Di Bella Coffee’s management team through a $47 million sale to Retail Food Group. In this video Phillip explains how BDO’s expertise and unwavering support helped the company achieve the desired sale outcome and set him in good stead for future endeavours.

According to Phill, the secret to achieving the smooth integration came down to trust and thorough planning – both of which are the cornerstones of BDO’s eight step Transactions: A Blueprint for success approach. To take you through the process we’ve developed an eight week information series to help you learn how to structure a transaction from start to finish, and gain knowledge of the key business decisions - large and small - to be made at every step in the process. Each fortnight you will receive access to two new resources. 

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