BDO Sports Survey 2020 – Life after sport

18 August 2020

William Tuffley, Partner, Business Services |

There is no denying the negative impact COVID-19 has had on Australia’s sporting sector. Loss of revenue from sponsorship, gate-takings and broadcast deals has resulted in job losses and reappraisals of operational initiatives across the country.

The flow on effect to the careers of professional and high-performance athletes has re-emphasised why proactive and early-career planning is so important. Taking action while still ‘in the game’ can ensure athletes remain central to their career decisions and are equipped for long-term financial sustainability. 

We’re interested in learning more about your time as a professional athlete and the transition to life after sport. Together with other respondents, your responses will help us gain a clear view of the current situation from those central to its impact – you and your peers. Using this input, our team can share insight to help navigate post-career security.


The short survey will take around two minutes to complete.

This is a challenging time for the sporting industry and those who rally around it. If you would like to discuss your personal situation, please contact a BDO adviser.