• Transaction Readiness

    Understand the financial requirements and steps within a transaction process.

Preparing for mergers and acquisition transactions

When entering into a key transaction that will either position your organisation for its next growth step or position yourself for an exit, it is critically important to ensure that the organisation is ready for the transaction process.

Undertaking a transaction can be an exciting and equally stressful point in an organisations life. It is important that the process surrounding the transaction is as efficient as possible to save time, costs and stress.

Our Financial Management Consulting team work in collaboration with our Corporate Finance specialists, providing a thorough understanding of the financial requirements and steps within a transaction process (whether this be private equity, trade sale or IPO). Our team is able to support clients throughout all stages of the process to ensure financial transaction readiness.

The team are also highly experienced in working with organisations to support the integration and change management of the post transaction entities.

M&A transaction readiness

Our transaction readiness capabilities include:

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