Cyber Security Awareness, Training & Education

Organisations need to be informed and prepared for what they may face in the event of a severe cyber incident. Developing an awareness of cyber risks - what they are, how to identify them, the type of perpetrators - is one of the best ways to contribute to achieving effective processes and procedures to cope.

How BDO can help

BDO’s approach to raising cyber awareness within an organisation incorporates:

  • Monitoring reliable sources of cyber security intelligence
  • Identifying the organisation’s assets at highest risk
  • Educating staff to recognise and avoid cyber security threats
  • Regular business cyber security briefings to ensure risks are proactively managed.

BDO’s Cyber Security team can deliver a customised cyber security education and awareness program for boards, management and staff. This includes the development and delivery of both classroom-style and e-learning programs. 

Our cyber security awareness, training and education services include:

  • Security awareness strategy and program development
  • Board and management cyber security awareness and education programs and security briefings
  • Cyber security education and awareness programs - both in-person training and integrated online training programs
  • Phishing awareness education and integrated online training programs
  • Specialist cyber training programs such as privacy, mandatory breach notification, incident response, and more.

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