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At BDO Private Wealth Advisers, we know that financial advice isn’t really about investments. It’s about how your money can allow you to live the life you want to lead. We empower you to fully understand your financial situation, decide what type of life you want to lead and then work with you to develop strategies to achieve it.

This approach lets you take control of your financial future and put a long term plan in place that is comprehensive and tailored to your needs. 

How BDO can help

We’ll help you address key question like:

  • Lifestyle – am I on track to live the life I want?
  • Cash flow – am I spending too much or could I spend a little more?
  • Retirement – do I have enough savings to achieve my retirement goals?
  • Insurance – what if I became sick or my income stopped?
  • Wealth creation – how can I accumulate more assets, more efficiently, prior to and in retirement?

Proactively managing your financial position is central to achieving your life goals. By partnering with BDO Private Wealth Advisers you’ll receive expert advice and support. Our experienced wealth advisers are on hand with expert advice on all aspects of wealth creation.

What our clients say

Planning for the future

“BDO Private Wealth Advisers have been helping us with strategic advice over a number of years. Their advice has focused on us and how our needs can best be met in the future. They care about what we are doing, are forthcoming with practical ideas and have really helped us focus on the things that matter to us.”

Protecting our clients' wellbeing

“We were first introduced to BDO Private Wealth Advisers by our accountant in 2002. Over the years, BDO have reviewed our position and, after Kevin had an accident at work, identified and helped us access income protection and disability insurance from our old superannuation policies. This has allowed us to repay our mortgage and other debts, as well as giving us money to help meet our income needs. BDO also manage our superannuation so we have some play money for retirement. We can now concentrate on our lifestyle rather than worrying about how our living needs are going to be met..”

A genuinely caring relationship

“We have been dealing with BDO Private Wealth Advisers since 2004 and have, on many occasions, sought their advice on ways that we can improve our situation. They have shown that they care about us and our situation, they have helped our family and helped us remain 'on track' through difficult times. BDO do not treat our money like it's theirs, like some of the big organisations do, and care about things that are important to us (like taking more holidays).”

Securing a young couple’s future

Client profile:

A professional couple with a young family.

Financial and/or lifestyle position:

The couple are nearing paying off their home loan and wish to consider options to use the surplus income they will soon have. Their initial thoughts were on investing this surplus income into some form of share investments.

BDO Private Wealth Advisers’ initial advice:

We reviewed their situation and identified they had two investment properties with substantial loans still owing. We also identified the higher income earner had inadequate income protection insurance to meet their living expense and future lifestyle requirements if something were to happen to him. The BDO team then produced:

  • Discussion Paper - this showed where the couple were at and provided various options for the investment of their surplus cash flow. Options included building a share portfolio, repaying the investment loans and contributing further into superannuation.
  • Recommendations - repaying their other loans and building their super versus building a share portfolio showed they would be in a better financial position at an earlier age.

Practical outcomes:

We provided the client with an implementation plan and recommended the higher income earner increase their level of income protection cover. This demonstrated that if this person was unable to work their living requirements and mortgage repayments would be greater than what they would be receiving.

Paying off debt rather than investing their surplus income did not result in a financial product sale, however provided a lower risk solution to meet their objective.

Proactively planning for retirement

Client profile:

A couple in their fifties considering retiring within seven - ten years.

Financial and/or lifestyle position:

We first met this couple in 2007. They had a reasonable portfolio of shares and wished to consider setting up a self-managed superannuation fund. We noted they had a level of non-deductible and deductible debt, which they noticed was not reducing. Their share portfolio was mainly owned by a company which their accountant noted was not the best entity to hold growth assets in. They did not have an overall strategy to reduce debt and build assets for their retirement and had not reviewed their insurance needs.

BDO Private Wealth Advisers’ initial advice:

Our team reviewed their assets and liabilities, income and expenses (from all sources) and their insurances to provide options for the client. We then produced:

  • Discussion Paper - this showed their present position and options for their situation. They hadn’t considered transferring shares from their private company to reduce the level of debt or contribute into the new self-managed superannuation fund (SMSF).
  • Recommendations - The strategy they adopted was to transfer some shares held in the company into their SMSF, sell some shares and use the proceeds to reduce their non-deductible debt. We also assisted them to implement a disciplined approach of using their surplus cash flow to reduce debt. Our forecasts indicated they would repay their loans within 5.1 years. Then they would start using the loan repayments to build investment portfolios both in and outside of superannuation. They would then be in a position to retire within 10 years. We also confirmed their current levels of insurance were adequate. We agreed to meet with them annually to review their strategies to ensure they remained on-track.

Practical outcomes:

Several years on and the clients are now in a financial situation where they are able to retire now, if they wished to. They repaid their loans two years earlier than we originally projected, as they became better at managing their cash flow. Reductions to the level of insurance they needed resulted in annual savings of over $10,000.

In the four years since their loans were repaid, they have been able to increase their financial wealth by over $1.5 million due to increased funds being invested more effectively using superannuation strategies and good investment returns.

Helping protect the $20 million family business for just $5,500

Client profile:

Two brothers in their early 40s taking over the family business from their sick father.

Financial and/or lifestyle position:

The family business generates annual revenue of $60 million and the net worth of the family is $20 million. However, their father’s illness triggered the realisation that everything their family had worked for could be lost without the proper protection in place. In the event that either of the brothers died or was totally and permanently disabled, the goals of the brothers were to:

  • Protect the business for the survivor
  • Protect their respective family interests
  • Repay debt to parents to protect their estate.

BDO Private Wealth Advisers’ initial advice:

We worked with the brothers’ accountant to recommend appropriate insurances for them. We also worked with their solicitor to tie the insurances to the buy/sell option deed for the business and property, to ensure that all elements had been provided for.

Practical outcomes:

This case demonstrates how BDO Private Wealth Advisers Pty Ltd can work with accounting firms to help clients protect their wealth and family. This creates the opportunity for ongoing relationships and business with the accounting firm.

In this particular scenario, the clients paid $5,500 for our advice about protecting the family’s net worth of $20 million.


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