• Self-managed superannuation fund (SMSF) Audit

    Leverage the latest technology and best practice methodologies.


SMSF Audit

Bring your clients the world-class assurance quality of a BDO audit

For decades, accountants have been drawing on the expertise and reputation of BDO’s SMSF audit and tax team. Today, we leverage the latest technology and best practice methodologies, bringing your clients:



Trusted Brand, strong track record, deep expertise, national reach.



We are passionate about leveraging technology to change the game in assurance and SMSF reporting.



Our new, data-led service saves you and your clients time and effort.

Improved customer experience

Scalable, digital, automated

Benefit from our efficient processes linked to BDO’s audit methodology and IT capability to:

  • Improve SLAs and deliver shorter turnaround timeframes, increased completion rates and richer reporting
  • Quickly identify exception items and accelerate remedial action for a non-surprises approach
  • Get the scalability you need to cater for peak volumes.

Advanced SMSF analytics

Predictive, smart, real-time dashboards

Leverage our leading analytics capabilities to help:

  • Anticipate and provide alerts for non-compliant areas to trustees
  • Provide additional reporting and evaluations to support key decisions relating to SMSFs, through real-time, interactive dashboards
  • Regularly monitor SMSF accounts for irregularities, ongoing deadline and compliance issues
  • Perform portfolio demographics and agree on the most efficient order and/or batch process to perform the year-end audit.

New insights

Data aggregation, root cause analysis

Use BDO’s tax and audit specialists to:

  • Facilitate additional insight and exception resolution via data aggregation and investigation of root cause analysis to specific repetitive audit or tax
  • Apply BDO’s global tax, audit frameworks and compliance standards
  • Gain process and control insights to continually improve your processes and procedures.

Streamlined costs

Paperless, efficient, straight-through

  • Automate your processes apply straight through processing (STP) principles to:
    • Eliminate administration activities, such as manual uploads and transfers of audit and tax files
  • Gain visibility of processing economics to:
    • Have total transparency and reduce your costs as volumes increase.


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