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    Tailored retail data to maximise your sales opportunities

More market intelligence than ever before

Monitoring your sales performance is key to managing retail business. But understanding your internal data – and how it compares to what’s happening in the wider market - can be challenging.

Many retail businesses fall short of accurately following and acting on trends, and understanding relative performance due to lack of knowledge, resources or time constraints.

BDO has solved this problem with the Australian Retail Index. The Index allows you to quickly and easily benchmark your performance against the market, enabling you to react more quickly than ever before to upturns and downturns in business.

Tailored market intelligence delivered straight to you

BDO and Retail Express are excited to release a new website and mobile platform, providing you with more market intelligence than ever before. The Index’s benchmarking capabilities will enable you to:

  • Better understand current market conditions and view fluctuations in one clear snapshot
  • Compare sales against the market - every hour, every day
  • Respond pre-emptively to market trends, potentially optimising cost-savings and profit.

Drawing information from thousands of retail stores across the country, the Australian Retail Index is the only resource for obtaining in-depth Australian retail sales data on a monthly, weekly and daily basis across four key categories:

  • Fashion and accessories: clothing, accessories and footwear
  • Furniture and homewares: general household goods, cookware, furniture and floor coverings, lighting, linen and textiles
  • Sporting and recreational goods: sporting equipment
  • Other general retail: gifts, health and leisure goods.

Subscribe now and never miss out

Boost your performance by making sure you never miss out on market insights. There are a range of subscription options available so you can choose how often you want to receive market insights. These include free monthly updates; and weekly and daily subscription service through our easy-to-use, mobile-friendly online service.

Monthly updates - free

Available online and without cost, the Australian Retail Index provides you with quick and easy access to monthly data and an excellent guide to general trends.

Weekly data subscription

Become more agile and respond to market dynamics quickly with an Australian Retail Index weekly data subscription. Weekly data will help you understand the current market conditions and benchmark your performance against the market. Contact us to find out more.

Daily data subscription

With the capability to track daily fluctuations, daily data will elevate the value of the insights you receive to a new level. The Index’s benchmarking capabilities include:

  • Daily changes in retail sales data
  • Geographical data including state-by-state, metro and regional insights
  • Payment methods including cash, credit/debit card and voucher
  • Retail metrics including sales payments (cash, layby and refund) and sale size (basket size and units per transaction)
  • Hourly sales trends
  • Custom alert messages sent directly to your email.

Contact us to discuss pricing options or find out more.

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