A day in the life of a Corporate Finance graduate

26 March 2018

Michael Riddle, Graduate, Corporate Finance |

It was the many opportunities to travel and to work directly with clients in a variety of industries that first attracted me to a career in Corporate Finance.

Working with clients from the beginning

I've particularly enjoyed working with mining companies, as the way which they operate is very interesting and can be completely differently to some of our other clients. Each mining company has its own unique operations and business structures in place. 

Since commencing at BDO, I've already completed a range of independent expert reports, valuations on transactions and activity on behalf of shareholders for mining companies. I am looking forward to the opportunity to travel to these mine sites in the future to see firsthand how they operate.

This is all part of BDO's commitment to developing its graduates both professionally and personally. Our Managers and Partners don't just assign us simple tasks, but instead allow us to complete client work and liaise with the clients directly from the beginning. There's no set time limit on promotions either - if your Manager thinks you are ready then they will help you to reach your full potential.

Networking is an important part of our culture at BDO. Our Managers encourage us to attend a lot of networking events so that we can meet as many people and seize as many opportunities as possible.

It was actually through networking that I ended up working for BDO. I had been working for another professional services firm in Audit for nearly a year after university but was starting to realise that line of work wasn't for me. I then met some employees from BDO's Corporate Finance team and was immediately attracted to how welcoming and down to earth they were. I gave them my CV and when an opening became available a few months later I attended an interview. I was so happy to find out that I'd been successful and I have enjoyed every minute of my time at BDO since.

Long-term career plans with BDO Perth

The welcoming culture exists through every level of BDO Perth. The Corporate Finance team is growing rapidly, with three graduates, six seniors, a couple of associate directors and six directors or Partners. Graduates get the chance to work with everyone in the team and the Partners in particular are very approachable and always happy to answer questions.

The work we do varies every day which is great, and I can't wait to get more involved with clients. So far I’ve had a really positive experience at BDO and I can see myself staying here for a long time to come. I am particularly looking forward to commencing my CA studies which BDO provides a lot of support for.

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