Making the most of flexibility and opportunities at BDO

29 August 2018

Vickey Wu, Auditor, Perth |

When I decided to re-enter the workforce, it was only on the condition that I'd find a firm flexible enough that it could work around my childcare responsibilities. Luckily I found BDO, where the Partners and staff do everything they can to ensure I can work, progress in my career and still look after my three-year old daughter.

I graduated from university seven years ago, and was fortunate enough to be able to take part in the CPA Australia Internship Program in Singapore. I started my first job there, and then decided to take a break when I had my child. At this point I moved to Perth, where I started my own online sales business, which I found easier to work around my parenting schedule.

Flexible working arrangements at BDO Perth

When my daughter turned three, I decided it could be time to work for a firm again. Through networking I found out that BDO Perth was looking for someone to help out in Audit with their China desk. I sent through my application and then had two interviews. The second interview was with the People and Culture Officer, who explained to me the different flexible working arrangements that BDO offers.

I've been a graduate at BDO Perth since January 2018, and am always so impressed with how much they work around my childcare schedule. I work part time four days a week and am able to take advantage of flexi-hours so that I can manage to fulfil my work commitments whilst also taking care of my family. BDO Perth also encourages people to try remote working for a day to support our life outside of work which I find to be really helpful.

Progression offered to everyone

I love the culture at BDO Perth. Everyone is so cheerful and helpful, and I'm amazed at how many career progression opportunities I have been provided even though I'm only working part time. I initially thought that going part time would slow down my career and limit the type of work I could do. But I can honestly say that neither has been the case at BDO. Since commencing at BDO, I've completed induction and in-house training, as well as national training and audit skills courses. In November 2018 I will attend my first interstate training course in the BDO Sydney office.

A real highlight for me was when I got to go to China for a one-week assignment towards the beginning of my time at BDO. I'd already worked with Chinese firms before so was aware of the cultural and business differences, and it was such an exciting experience to put my knowledge into practice.

The thing I love most about BDO is they're so willing to work around you. I'm able to go at my own pace, one that suits my childcare situation, and they get behind me every step of the way. BDO also organises training and flexible arrangements as I require them.

If you're interested in working at a flexible firm that supports training and personal development, visit the BDO careers website today.