My career at BDO from Cadet to Manager

03 October 2018

Stephanie Sing, Manager, Audit & Assurance |

The BDO Cadet program gives school leavers and university students the opportunity to work with BDO whilst completing their university studies. In return, not only does BDO help to support Cadets through their degree with benefits such as weekly study leave to attend classes, exam leave and other allowances, they also have the opportunity to fast-track their career progression.

Studying and working with BDO

I started as a BDO Cadet over six years ago when I was in the second year of my Bachelor of Business, majoring in finance and accounting. Being able to put my university studies into practice was advantageous to my development as the two complemented each other perfectly.

Although it was difficult balancing work and university to begin with, BDO gave me study leave to attend my university classes each week. We were also given exam leave for each subject, which assisted during challenging exam periods. Developing time management skills throughout the Cadet program was rewarding and it's something that I have taken forward into all aspects of my career, including the completion of the Chartered Accountants (CA) program.

Since being a Cadet, I have been promoted throughout the years to my current position as a Manager. The opportunities available to progress have been pivotal to my overall development and I believe this is one of the many advantages of partaking in the Cadet program.

Training and travel opportunities

The emphasis on training and the desire for employees to prioritise exceptional client service is deeply embedded into the values and culture of BDO. In audit, we attend extensive technical and soft skill training. On top of the CA program we also participate in regular comprehensive audit technical training, hold regular International Financial Reporting Standards updates as well as various ad-hoc training throughout the year in order to facilitate and support ongoing development.

One of the greatest opportunities I have received from BDO is my international secondment. I had expressed an interest in an international secondment from the beginning of my career, and BDO supported this ambition to make a dream become a reality. After completing my CA studies, I was given the opportunity to apply for a secondment to BDO London for six months, which I readily accepted. It was incredible being able to travel and attain professional experience at the same time, whilst experiencing a new working environment. I travelled most weekends around Europe and took a month off to continue travelling around the continent after my secondment ended.

Through the Cadet program at BDO, I was able to experience so much in a short time. Commencing my career at BDO has been invaluable and I look forward to continually growing with a firm that has provided me with such a great foundation and continuing career development.

For more information on our cadet program or other student recruitment opportunities we offer, visit our careers website.