My graduate experience in Audit

29 March 2018

Adam Borensztajn, Graduate, Audit |

At university I studied a Bachelor of Business and I thought that Audit was probably the best place for me to commence my business and accounting career. Although initially I wasn’t sure which service line I wanted to work in long term, I have now realised that Audit is definitely the service line for me.

Each day is different in Audit

I soon found out that Audit involves a lot of client work, and it is this aspect of Audit that I really enjoy. I particularly enjoy working with not-for-profit organisations, as they're not your stereotypical business. Instead of looking at revenue, we investigate how these companies can win government grants and other funding, whilst also making sure they are using that funding correctly. I find this line of work to be different and something that really challenges me, and I love that you're not at the same desk every day. Most days you are out and visiting a variety of clients, no two days are the same.

Keeping on top of the application process

From my experience, it was great knowing that I already had a job lined up during my final semester of University. I felt that this allowed me to focus on my final studies. My advice for anyone wanting to work for a firm like BDO, would be to keep on top of the application process early. The majority of firms open their applications at the beginning of the university year and they aren't open for that long, so make sure you allow time to complete your applications whilst keeping on top of your study.

The BDO Melbourne culture

BDO Melbourne is a great place to work. They organise social events which allow you to network with colleagues from other divisions that you mightn’t get to work with day to day. Since I've been at BDO we've had monthly drinks, the annual ball and Christmas party, as well as various firm wide and audit division days out. There are also sporting teams, charity groups and other clubs you can get involved with.

The firm has also been really supportive of furthering both our career and our personal development. I've now completed two Chartered Accounting (CA) modules, and have just started a third. Although beginning your CA exams can be quite daunting, BDO provides a range of internal training to assist you with learning the modules in a group setting. They also allow you to take three days of paid study leave per module, to revise for and complete the exam. They are also more than willing to work out an arrangement if you require more time off.

BDO's support through my studies has been a real highlight for me, and I can't wait to finish my exams and become a fully qualified Chartered Accountant.

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