My Graduate Experience

27 July 2018

Jordan D'arcy, Consultant, Tax |

I first realised I was drawn to tax law while undertaking my Bachelor of Commerce majoring in Management and Accounting. I searched for opportunities in this area and soon came upon BDO's vacation program. After undertaking this vacation program in my penultimate year of university, I became gradually more and more involved with BDO until I was made a full time employee here in December 2016.

Working and learning

After the summer vacation program, which involved a two week rotation working in Corporate Tax, I was then offered a part-time undergraduate role in the same area which I undertook during my last year of university. This involved working in the Corporate Tax division for two days per week whilst I completed my studies.

A welcoming environment

One of the things I like best about BDO is how welcoming it is. Everyone is very friendly and people are always willing to help if you have a question. We also have direct contact with our Partners a lot of the time so that we can get the best feedback possible. This is something I'd strongly encourage in new graduates joining BDO - never be afraid to ask questions. Also, in the first year as a full time graduate I had the opportunity to act as a buddy to a new undergraduate student we had working in Corporate Tax. This was a great opportunity and I really like to encourage this type of supportive culture.

Also make sure you get involved with the social side of BDO. We have all sorts of sporting teams and after work drinks in the Brisbane office, and it really adds to this welcoming environment.

A clear path for progression

I am keen to stay on at BDO and work up the ranks. I would obviously love to become a Partner in the distant future, but for now I am looking at getting into more client contact, a side of the work that I really enjoy here. I currently get to work one day per week from one of our client’s offices which is great to have more variety in my role and contact with the client.

No two days are the same at BDO, and that's one of the things I love about working here. If you're like me and love a challenge, BDO is the perfect place for you.

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