Progression from the beginning: My career in Corporate Tax at BDO

27 July 2018

David Wright, Consultant, Corporate Tax |

My career at BDO began when I was searching for career opportunities whilst at university, which led to applying for BDO’s vacation program. Initially I wasn’t sure which service line I wanted to pursue but I had just recently completed taxation law at university and found it very interesting, so I applied for a role in Corporate Tax. After completing the two week vacation placement in BDO Brisbane's Tax division, I knew that Corporate Tax was the perfect choice for me.

During the vacation placement, the team made me feel really welcome and the people were so much fun to work with. The social side of BDO was a really good experience, with the after work drinks and sports teams contributing to the team environment. The job itself was varied and interesting, with a huge range of clients, industries and activities. I love that no two days are the same in Corporate Tax, and I was delighted to receive a permanent job offer after I completed my vacation placement.

Time management an essential skill in Corporate Tax

The variety of work involved with Corporate Tax means time management is an essential skill. Fortunately, during my final year of university I worked as an Assistant Accountant at a large wholesale company. Through this experience I learnt to balance my final year studies with working and this experience with time management has been so useful at BDO.

During my Chartered Accounting (CA) studies, time management has been even more important. I am currently enrolled in my fourth and final technical module, and will complete the Capstone course later this year. It's been quite challenging, especially as I've had no breaks in between subjects, but BDO have been great at supporting me through my studies. They put on four master classes per subject and invite someone from CA to speak at these. These master classes are really helpful for staying up to date with study and also provide you with useful knowledge and materials for the final exam. We are also allowed to take study leave days for each subject, which has been really useful for extra revision.

Regular training and progression

It's not just CA studies that we get training for. Every two weeks we have team training and tax updates. In these sessions, we cover current tax issues, especially when new rulings, cases or laws come out. I've also had the opportunity to fly down to Sydney a couple of times for national training, which is great to be able to meet BDO colleagues from the other offices. On top of this, whenever I have questions the Partners are always willing to help and they have an open door policy which encourages us to ask for advice.

The best thing about BDO for me is the variety of work I have been exposed to and the amount I have learnt in such a short period of time. Another highlight was recently receiving the BDO Boscar Award for exceptional client service within the Tax team, as it's always nice to feel your work is recognised.

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