The support I received through the BDO buddy program

16 March 2019

Mitchell Yeates, Accountant, Audit & Superannuation |

At the start of 2018 I commenced as a graduate in the Audit and Superannuation team at BDO, and I've been really impressed with how supportive the firm has been over that time. The buddy system in particular has been a great way to integrate grads like me into the firm.

The BDO graduate buddy system

When I started at BDO I was immediately assigned a buddy. They were able to introduce me to the superannuation software BDO uses while also being able to walk me through how to process a superfund, prepare the tax return and signed documents. It was great to have someone who could provide that initial introduction to all the new processes and tasks that I would be carrying out as part of my new position. It was also really nice to have a familiar face who I could sit with at social events and who could introduce me to others.

Moving from university to full-time work was a big challenge for me, but it's one I've embraced. At university, the style of learning is quite independent, you only really have to answer to yourself. Moving to a working environment, you're suddenly assigned multiple responsibilities that require you to report to a number of individuals within the firm.

This was quite a big change for me, however I realised very early on that communication is the key to success. I now make it a habit to frequently update my seniors, managers and Partners about how my work is progressing and I also check in regularly to find out whether any other work is required of me.

The importance of work experience

‘Make sure you get work experience within the industry of accounting’ is the best piece of advice I can give current students considering a role with BDO. This experience will provide you with a flavour of what the work will be like and whether it's for you. I studied a Bachelor of Commerce majoring in Accounting and Corporate Finance at University, and being able to put that theory into practice during my work experience with a mid-tier accounting firm was really useful. Trying out some other areas of business also made me realise which service lines wouldn't suit me as well.

Even if you're a third year student who is yet to participate in formal work experience programs, have a think about what you've done during university that has enabled you to develop valuable transferable skills such as teamwork, leadership and self-diligence. For example, perhaps you were the captain of the football team or held a committee role. It is experiences and roles like this that should most certainly be drawn upon when being interviewed for a potential graduate position.

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