What it is like to apply for a Graduate role at BDO

20 February 2020

Alannah Pizzica, Graduate Accountant, Business Services |

It was at the start of my fourth year of a Bachelor of Commerce at Monash University when I applied for a Graduate role at BDO Melbourne. I had about a half year of study to go, but I applied quite early on as it’s reassuring when completing your studies, knowing you have a position lined up to start after you graduate.

So what was the recruitment process like?

The first step of the recruitment process was to submit an online application through the BDO Careers site. The online application included some questions relating to my skills and what I felt I could contribute to the firm. Once successful in the first phase I moved on to complete a video interview online.

Following the video interview, I received an email from BDO’s People & Culture team inviting me to attend an assessment centre at their Melbourne office. I was one of around 25 people, and the first thing we all did was a written test, almost like an accounting test. Then we were split into groups and asked to complete a group task along with a presentation. The topic was a little out of the box but a lot of fun!  

I undertook a few recruitment processes for other companies and they were quite similar structure wise; however, the thing I liked about BDO was that it was not too confronting. They made me feel quite relaxed and gave me time to regroup and gather my thoughts. They were also very willing to answer any questions that I had. BDO made me feel valued as a candidate through the recruitment process; it wasn’t like a production line that I experienced with some other companies.

My advice to students thinking of applying

I’d say give yourself enough time to thoroughly prepare as the process can get overwhelming pretty quickly once you start researching which companies you want to work for. But don’t apply somewhere just to apply - you should be applying for places that you really want to work for. Applying and studying at the same time is a bit of a balancing act, but once you get into the swing of things you get faster every time.

Also, remember to be yourself. Sometimes in these professional environments, it easy to retreat into your shell or conform to the mould you think companies want, however you need to be yourself. Have a laugh. If you show a bit of personality, people really appreciate it.

Our graduate applications are now open for 2020, so to find out more about opportunities at BDO, visit our careers website.