Why XeroCon is more than just an accounting conference

14 September 2018

Shaye Thyer, National Cloud and Advisory Specialist |

A big team of 80 BDO people came from all over Australia and New Zealand to attend #Xerocon in Brisbane last week.

We were proud to be there representing our firm, and incredibly proud to be nominated in the three geographic categories for National Partner of the Year.

It was a huge conference, with amazing speakers and some great insights to take away.

“Technology doesn’t disrupt – people do” – Steve Vamos

XeroCon has lots of emphasis on technology, but this year it really focused on the fact that it’s the people that provide the purpose and the passion to get the job done.

It’s this excitement and passion that transfers directly to our work with clients.

We know that technology is not the end game – it’s simply an enabler. Being at the forefront of technology in our business means we have the capacity to inject ourselves into our work and into our clients’ businesses and work on the aspects that we’re all passionate about.

The more friction we can remove from the day to day grind of work and business, the more space we have for innovation, passion and connecting on a human level

Cloud accounting does this. We now have an online environment where there can be seamless integration of the accounting ledger with other key operational tools, be it CRM in sales, project management in construction, or time and attendance and POS in hospitality. 

The power of real-time data now brings speed in analysis and in decision-making, meaning we can help businesses be more informed and agile than ever before.

Machine learning is removing more and more of the doing. Automation is giving the business owner back hours and hours of valuable time.

Client centricity is core to the BDODrive approach

We know that our clients are online and digital savvy, they know who they are and what they want, they want to run their business from anywhere, on any device, and they want immediate and personalised service.

For us as advisers, when we can work with clients that align with our personal passion, whatever that might be, we’re more engaged and the relationship and service is just better naturally.

This is why The Attractive Adviser is a specialist. Technology is amazing, but it will never be as good as us at:

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We welcome change

XeroCon for BDO is more than just an accounting conference and product update. Our advisers are challenged to ensure we’re fully leveraging the technology available to us, and encouraging our clients to do the same, so that together they have richer relationships and happier lives.

Gill Hicks, a survivor of the 2005 London Bombings, shared her amazing story with us, and we were reminded that “All I can control is how I react and respond.” We can’t control the pace of change, we can’t control the lightning speed of innovation. But we can control our appetites for change, and we can control our focus on our purpose, and on our human impact through the work we do with clients. 

Highlights videos

Xerocon 2018 - Day 1

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