The Risk Management Process

31 January 2017

Maria Jockel , Legal Principal and National Leader, Migration Services |

Executive management decides and controls operational management.

In an era of robust regulatory compliance executive management must decide and control operational management by identifying traditional and current risk and ensuring effective governance.

The risk management process includes:

  • Establishing a strategic, organisational and risk management context and the criteria against which risk is evaluated;
  • Identifying risk and what, how and why risks can arise;
  • Analysing risks and evaluating and assessing criteria, priorities and controls to mitigate risk;
  • Treating risk by developing and implementing effective plans and strategies to deal with the level, consequence and likelihood of the risk; and
  • Continuous communication and consultation and review and monitoring.

BDO Migration Services, an incorporated immigration legal practice will work with you to assist with all aspects of the visa process requirements.

We advise and assist on due diligence and the immigration audit processes to identify the type of information and documents required to ensure compliance.

We work collaboratively with other business lines across BDO including in:

  • Tax-Employment and expatriate services
  • Conducting Due Diligence and developing strategies for compliance and risk minimisation
  • Program and Project Management and Operational Planning
  • Human Capital and Workforce Capability
  • Planning non-statutory and special purpose audits
  • Such like