Migration Risk, Governance & Compliance

BDO Migration Services assist businesses and organisations in meeting their Human Resource needs and acquiring the right talent at the right time while lifting administrative burdens and minimising risk.

Increasingly Human Resources operations need to be part of a broader enterprise risk management approach where risk is embedded into the organisation’s strategic and business planning decision-making processes to meet business goals while managing risk.

How BDO can help

Migration risk management

The complexity of Australia’s immigration laws and policies and the dynamic regulatory environment mean senior management needs to develop and drive a culture of compliance while meeting human resource needs.

It is the role of the board and senior management to establish the principles and guidelines to establish a system of risk oversight and management.

Our specialist team of immigration lawyers can assist you manage the immigration regulatory environment with the following:

  • Current advice and assistance on understanding relevant immigration regulations and compliance with these regimes.
  • The role of directors and officers and the impact on corporate governance regimes.
  • Risk management strategy and program design: this includes strategy, organisational structure, governance, policies and procedures, training and both internal and external communications.
  • Risk assessment due diligence: assess risks and identify vulnerabilities, including routine human resources and related activities, to evaluate their potential impact and damage and prioritise risk strategies. This includes performing in-depth risk assessments and advising on risk minimisation and remediation.
  • Continuous communication and consultation, review and monitoring.

Risk management plans and frameworks vary according to the needs of a business, its aims, the context and structure within which it operates, the nature of the business and its processes, functions and practices.

It is the role of the board and senior management to establish the principles and guidelines so as to establish a system of risk oversight and management.

The management of risk requires:

  • A risk management policy
  • A risk management framework
  • Articulation of responsibility for managing risk
  • Embedding risk management into business policies and processes
  • Adopting and promoting a culture and enterprise wide risk culture
  • Communicating and consulting about risk
  • Understanding, mitigating and managing risk
  • Developing and maintaining risk management capabilities and strategies
  • Facilitating the continual improvement of risk management as part of strategic objectives.

In addition to a focus on the policies and principles of risk management, risk management requires a framework to achieve strategic objectives.

  • Immigration and Border Protection – operational enforcement
  • The Risk Management Process - which includes:
    • Establishing a strategic, organisational and risk management context and the criteria against which risk is evaluated
    • Identifying risk and what, how and why risks can arise
    • Analysing risks and evaluating and assessing criteria, priorities and controls to mitigate risk
    • Treating risk by developing and implementing effective plans and strategies to deal with the level, consequence and likelihood of the risk
    • Continuous communication and consultation and review and monitoring.

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