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28 February 2024

1.00pm – 2.00pm.

Responsible Investing

There is growing interest in responsible investments as more investors seek to align their investment strategy with their personal values and ethics. But how do you access responsible investments, and can you achieve competitive investment returns without sacrificing your values? This webinar will provide an overview of the key issues investors need to know.

Join BDO's Kelly Kennedy and David Woolley as they discuss responsible investing.




2023 series


Are you ready for retirement?

As we’re living longer and the cost of living continues to rise, ever rising inflation and a complex superannuation environment have put increasing pressure on retirees.

In this webinar, BDO Financial Advisers, Kelly Kennedy and Mark Wilkinson, will look at:

  • The emotional journey of retirement
  • What level of income you might need to achieve the lifestyle you want
  • What level of assets is needed to fund retirement
  • Common mistakes made during retirement planning
  • Some tips that can help prepare you for your retirement journey


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Investing is an effective way to get your money working for you, to build and protect your wealth rather than sitting stagnant. Many Australians invest in two key asset types – term deposits and Australian shares. Term deposits provide income and security, but with no capital growth. With the Australian market making up only 1.7% of global equity markets, there is a world of opportunity for Australians to invest in other areas.

As the old saying goes, don’t put all your eggs in one basket. Diversification is the concept of spreading investments to help reduce the risk and provide more stable returns for your portfolio in the long run.

In this webinar, BDO Financial Adviser Kelly Kennedy and BDO Wealth Adviser Oliver Straker will look at:

  • Reasons why we invest
  • The risk and reward relationship
  • Types of investments available
  • Various asset classes
  • Benefits of diversification


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Helping your children get into the property market

While interest rates are on the rise, a property supply shortage is ensuring that prices are increasing and many first home buyers continue to be priced out of the market, missing their chance to get on the property ladder.

Many of our clients express a desire to provide their children with financial assistance to help them enter the property market.

In this webinar, BDO Financial Adviser, Kelly Kennedy, and BDO Wealth Adviser, Shaun Haden, will look at:

  • What is driving this trend of first home buyers delaying their first property purchase
  • Why parents are considering helping children get into the property market
  • The various ways to provide assistance
  • Some advantages and disadvantages of each the options.


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Superannuation – Understanding the basics

When it comes to superannuation, do you ever wonder “where do I even start?”

Managing your superannuation attentively during your working life can make a big difference to the balance by the time you reach retirement. With all the complexity and ever-changing rules, many Australians don’t pay enough attention to their super or put it in the ‘too hard’ basket to worry about later.

In this webinar, BDO Financial Advisers, Kelly Kennedy and Michael Ryan, will help to demystify superannuation and give you some tools help you feel more confident in managing your super. This session will cover:

  • What superannuation is
  • Types of super funds
  • Investing your super
  • How to boost your super – contribution types, age limits and requirements
  • When you can access your super
  • Tax within super vs other structures
  • What happens to your super when you die.


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Transferring property to family

With property prices ever increasing it's no surprise that homeownership rates for younger people are falling.

It’s common for people to want to help their family members enter the property market, especially their adult children.

One of the ways to do this is by transferring a property that you already own to the family member or friend, either as a gift or by selling it to them at a discounted price.

In this webinar, BDO experts, Kelly Kennedy and Bill Matley, will discuss the methods of gifting and selling property, as well as some benefits and drawbacks that should be considered before proceeding.

If the time does not suit your schedule, register to view the recording at the conclusion of the webinar.


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