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BDO understands the factors reshaping the world of retail and franchising.

In a crowded and highly competitive environment, success depends on swift management decisions, solid relationships with industry and the anticipation of future trends. Here is how we have helped and continue to help the National Retail Association.


The ever-changing retail landscape sees retailers faced with many opportunities and challenges, which can impact upon their financial-based activities. When members are faced with issues that fall within the scope of financial reporting, tax and related advice, the NRA is pleased to connect them with its partner, BDO, for guidance.


Since partnering with BDO, the NRA has had access to a seamless flow of communication and expert advice from Paul Gallagher who has provided first-class advice and financial services.


“Whenever our members need tax, audit and business advice, we connect them with BDO. As retail practices constantly move toward new innovation, it’s important that retailers have the right systems and structures in place when it comes to financial reporting, tax and corporate modelling. This is where BDO comes in, providing specialist industry insight and financial advice on everything from tax planning, mergers, auditing and risk advisory.

I trust that BDO, as a partner of the NRA, will provide our members with the most up-to-date and comprehensive advice tailored to their unique circumstances”.

Dominique Lamb, CEO, National Retail Association

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Unlike our competitors, our Partners work hand in hand with you, providing you with a high standard of business advice, guidance and overall collaboration by focusing on what’s important to you every step of the way. And not only are we reliable, we are quick to respond to your needs and challenges.

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