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As Private Wealth advisers, we make it our priority to provide you with a comprehensive understanding of your financial options, to help you achieve the financial security and outcomes you desire. By providing clarity around your current financial position and visually detailing the journey you are on, we give you the information you need to be able to take control of your financial decisions and achieve your lifestyle goals. With a clear understanding of the implications, you can make better decisions about your future.

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June 2022

End of financial year and your superannuation contributions

As we approach 30 June, it is a good time to review your superannuation contributions and decide whether making additional superannuation contributions fits with your investment strategy and allowable limits. 

April 2022

Inflation, interest rates and geopolitics represent dilemmas for investors

With the geopolitical landscape changing quickly, there will likely be continued flow-on effects to the global economy. In times of uncertainty, it’s natural to be concerned about your investments, but maintaining a long-term view and controlling risk through a broadly diversified portfolio is still the best course of action, in our view.

February 2022

Investment strategy reminders for volatile markets

nflation fears, potential interest rate increases and easing of COVID stimulus are just some of the many factors contributing to a changing market landscape. Increased market volatility and share market falls have many investors wondering about the future. Have the markets topped out? Are we heading for a market correction? Do I need to change my investment strategy? Should I look at investing in property instead of shares?

Here are our top five ‘things to remember’ when navigating uncertain times.

December 2021

Private Wealth 2021 recap

It’s been another eventful year for us all. With savings at the highest levels since the 1970s and interest rates at all-time lows, many people are unsure how to best manage their wealth. While you may need to be more selective when building your portfolio, it’s still a great time to invest your wealth and set yourself up for success in the future.

Through the looking glass

As the COVID-19 pandemic has reminded us, life is always evolving.

From the initial fear of watching local and global infection rates climb, through to lock downs and openings, the normalisation of mask wearing, the move to online shopping, contactless delivery, working from home and greater job flexibility, nothing stays the same.

November 2021

Succession lessons: the drama-free way to hand on family wealth

As has been much-reported, over the next 20-30 years Australia will see the biggest intergenerational wealth transfer in its history with some $3.5 trillion worth of assets set to change hands. In practice, handing on wealth between generations will vary considerably based on the size and complexity of family assets as well as more subtle relationship factors.

September 2021

Is this inflation or just a blip?

Many business owners are experiencing pent up demand, due to delayed expenditure carried over from last year and a renewed optimism from consumers. Extended lockdowns and harsh restrictions have been met with monetary and fiscal stimulus, which has boosted our economy. Share markets are back above pre-crisis levels, house prices are at all-time highs and business profitability is up (with the exception of some sectors, notably entertainment and hospitality). This shows the power of coordinated stimulus measures from central banks and governments.

With this in mind, will the Reserve Bank of Australia (RBA) stick to their guns and delay official interest rate increases until 2024? Read more

August 2021

Insurance Alert - Major changes coming to income protection cover from 1 October 2021

In January 2020 we wrote about the significant changes coming to new income protection insurance policies in Australia, with some of these changes due to take effect from 1 October this year, and at least one measure delayed for 12 months. In this article is a summary of what is changing and why it’s important you act quickly.

Inflation: The Silent Assassin

In December 2020, Reserve Bank of Australia (RBA) Governor, Philip Lowe, issued a statement that the official cash rate is likely to remain at 0.1% until 2024, the lowest cash rate in Australian history. This sentiment is also shared in more recent statements. With a cash rate of almost zero for the next few years to come, individuals, families and organisations with large cash holdings should consider the hidden force eating away at the real value of their wealth.

July 2021

Have you ever dreamed of having more time?

Despite their high levels of wealth, a recent study has shown that individuals are often reluctant to outsource disliked household chores.

Outsourcing may seem like an obvious solution to time scarcity, yet people don’t do this nearly as often as expected - even by those who have the means.

April 2021

Investment commentary - April 2021

The biggest vaccination campaign in history is underway, with flattening or declining COVID-19 infection rates being reported in countries with effective rollout programs. This is positive news for future health implications of the pandemic, but the financial impacts are more convoluted.

How recent changes in the financial advice industry will drive better customer experiences

The financial advice industry has undergone significant changes in recent years, impacting industry operations and future outlook. To date, large institutions and their advisers have accounted for the lion share of the industry, with smaller boutique operations, who focus on client needs, representing a smaller industry footprint.

December 2020

Here comes the sun – Streaming breathes new life into a dying music industry

The world is undergoing a technological revolution and the way you have invested in the past by holding shares in established companies or industries for the long-term is not likely to produce the same results it once did.

Private Wealth 2020 wrap up

As we approach the end of 2020, it’s a good time to reflect on that challenging year that was. The COVID-19 pandemic has impacted everyone’s way of life and the introduction of stimulus measures and record low interest rates has changed our personal financial situations. BDO Private Wealth Partners, Andrew White and Guy Taylor, have reflected on the year and the key learnings we can take into 2021.

October 2020

Why cash and term deposit rates are declining - what you can do about it

Cash plays a significant role in our lives. Most importantly, cash provides stability, liquidity, flexibility and comes with a government guarantee of up to $250,000 for bank deposits. Interest rates are approaching 0% after they began declining in 2008, so a new problem for some households and organisations has arisen - cash returns are negative after tax and inflation.

September 2020

Are the changes to the financial landscape impacting your investments?

As a result of the significant changes occurring in Australia’s financial services industry, you may have found yourself without a financial adviser, or being pressured by your financial advice institution to reclassify as a significant or wholesale investor. Let us explain the changes to the financial advice industry and how they may impact your investment activities.

Why reviewing your personal insurance cover is so important

I have just purchased a new home and we are expecting our first child any day now. This has got me thinking about what would happen to my wife and child if something happened to me.

Changes to superannuation contribution age requirements

Despite consecutive Federal Governments making changes to superannuation rules and regulations, superannuation remains one of the most attractive investment options for many Australians. The low rate of tax in the accumulation phase and zero tax rate in the pension phase makes it hard to beat. The latest change extends the age-based limit for contributing to superannuation without having to meet a work test.

July 2020

Bringing risk and return into focus – A roller coaster or Sunday drive

Just over two months ago, the market was in fear of the reaper - COVID-19. Infections were spreading globally, people and businesses were locking down, and global share markets fell quickly. The media had a field day, providing 24/7 updates on the state of the crisis and we were barraged by news articles with ‘what if’ situations.

Family separation (or stress) during COVID-19?

“It's only when the tide goes out you know who's swimming naked.” Warren Buffett.

This quote from Warren Buffett is referring to people going out on a limb when taking investment risk and finding themselves over-exposed when the market corrects. However, it can also apply to other areas of our lives - when pressure is applied, cracks appear.

After bouncing back strongly, what’s next for share markets?

In the face of the deepest global recession since the 1930s and the unfolding health crisis, share markets have rebounded strongly. Since the low reached in March 2020, the United States share market is up more than 45% and the Australian share market has risen nearly 35%. The strength of these recent gains suggests caution is warranted with these markets now looking expensive relative to the earnings outlook.

June 2020

Why investing in blue chip stocks is no longer foolproof

Our grandparents could buy blue chip stocks and put them in a drawer without concern for 20 years. They invested in solid and dependable household names, such as banks, mining companies and department stores that were part of their lives. 

May 2020

End of year planning strategies – Getting the most out of your superannuation and pension accounts

As 30 June approaches, superannuation strategies come to the forefront, particularly now we have seen the economic and societal changes and challenges that COVID-19 has and will continue to present over the year ahead.

What will a post COVID-19 world look like?

At the time of writing this article, the ASX 200 index has recovered over +20% from its March lows. Why is this, and what are investors telling us about the post-COVID-19 global economy?

April 2020

Three tips for successful investing during COVID-19

It has been alarming to read in the media that the recent market turbulence has caused unadvised superannuation fund members to panic and collectively move billions of dollars into cash, unaware of the significant long-term impact it may have on their retirement savings. 

How to survive 2020 (financially) and navigate financial markets

The world is changing rapidly and we are constantly inundated with economic, financial and health related updates. The COVID-19 pandemic has undoubtedly had a material impact on the way we live. People are panic buying and doing virtual workouts from their living room in an effort to take every measure to stay home and flatten the curve.

Investment Commentary – April 2020

The impact of the Coronavirus (COVID-19) outbreak will likely deliver a sharp and deep global recession in 2020, due to the stringent social distancing measures put in place to contain the spread of the virus and “flatten the curve”. While there are a variety of views from market economists on how long it will take to recover from the shutdown, the consensus is that the global economy should be in recovery by mid-2021.

Investment markets and superannuation

Recent announcements about accessing superannuation due to financial hardship directly resulting from the COVID-19 pandemic have been high on the news agenda. How do you make sure you are fully informed and confident in any decision you might make in response?

March 2020

Navigating your inheritance in a difficult time

Receiving an inheritance can come at a time of sadness and reflection. Read our article to discover how you can focus on making complex financial decisions during this difficult time.

The magic number for retirement

How much do  you need for a comfortable lifestyle in retirement? This is a complex question that takes in many lifestyle factors. Discover more in our article.

Do you need a Testamentary Trust in your Will?

A Testamentary Trust can be a valuable estate planning tool. Read our article to understand if a Testamentary Trust should be built into your Will.

The six levers of building your financial wealth

There are six levers to consider when accumulating financial wealth. By thinking about these levers, and which ones you need to address, you have the power to cultivate a better financial position in your current stage of life, as well as take the steps towards your ideal retirement position.

January 2020

Insurance Alert - Major changes coming to income protection insurance

On 2 December 2019, the Australian Prudential Regulation Authority (APRA), the regulator for life insurers in Australia, launched an intervention into the insurance market in response to substantial ongoing losses on income protection insurance. APRA proposed a series of measures requiring insurers to address policy design and pricing to improve the sustainability of the income protection market. 

2019 Wrap Up

November 2019

How much do you need to retire – a case study

We have previously written about how much you might need to fund the next stage of your life, which concluded that it largely comes down to how much you spend. In addition, the amount you need may be less than you think due to declining expenditure as we age.

To put this into context, let’s review a case study.

Non-arm’s length income can cause problems for self-managed superannuation funds

Self-managed superannuation funds generally provide their members with greater control and flexibility over the types of investments that are selected to fund investments.

As a result, you see a significant minority of these funds make investments such as purchasing real property or investing in unlisted companies and unit trusts, which are associated with members of the funds.

Planning for care, supporting your parents as they enter the next phase of their lives

The majority of seniors want to maintain their independence for as long as possible, but more often than not there will come a time when they require support. Your parents were there for you and now you need to be there for them, so how do you support your parents during this challenging time without causing conflict or taking away their sense of independence?

The high cost of cash

With record low interest rates, many term deposit holders are questioning where else they can invest to maintain their income. While you can’t get away from having to take a bit more risk to generate additional returns, this may be a sensible approach, depending on your circumstances. 

August 2019

How to protect yourself and your business

Did you know that there is a 52% chance of you or your business partner dying or becoming unable to work again before the age of 65? Read our article to discover why succession planning and risk management is vital.

How short-term cash flow management can be built into a long-term strategy

Are you struggling to find the balance between living now and saving for retirement? Discover the importance of dedication to your long-term strategy.

New age investing to ensure your finances in retirement, and your children’s future

Responsible environmental investing is gaining traction throughout the world. Discover how to change update your portfolio.


June 2019

It’s time to consider your superannuation contributions

Making additional super contributions is a tax-effective strategy to boost your funds for retirement. Discover how you can make additional contributions.

With wealth transfer on the rise, why has planning taken a back seat?

Conversations about inheritance and financial legacy are a rare occurrence, but with wealth transfer on the rise they are more necessary than ever. Take a look at why early conversations and proactive planning are essential.

How much will I need to fund the next stage of my life?

It’s normal to grow stressed as you approach retirement and the unknown financial nature that accompanies it. BDO’s Private Wealth team has outline strategies to assist in easing the financial stress before retirement.

The third industrial revolution

We are now experiencing the third industrial revolution driven by new developments in communication, energy and transport technology. Explore how this new wave has, and will continue to impact your personal investment portfolio.


February 2019

Google search: How to time the market?

Try to time the share market at your own peril. Find out why


The Australian savings myth

Many Australians are sacrificing their lifestyle today, in order to maintain their lifestyle in retirement. Read our article to learn why that might not be necessary.

Demystifying the aged care maze

Senior Australians are choosing to stay at home longer, but aged care is often required. Read our article for the important factors to consider when looking into age cared facilities.

Negotiating a property settlement after divorce or separation

Minimise the severe lifestyle and impacts of a divorce by learning how to negotiate a better property settlement. Read the article.  


November 2018

7 tips to unlock your wealth strategy – for business and life

Are you a business owner? Discover how to pave the financial road to a secure retirement.  

Interest rate rises and foreign policy: the impact of the economic cycle on investment

Despite the economy being in the best shape since the GFC, political risk is still present. Read our article to learn about the changing economic cycle and its impact on investment. 

The importance of assessing your personal insurance options

Why are people forgetting about personal insurance? Take a look at a case study that highlights the importance of personal insurance, even for a young couple. 

Recap of Labor’s tax and super policies

If Labor is elected in 2019, it could mean changes to key tax and superannuation policies. Read on to discover the impact of these policies from a personal financial planning perspective. 

September 2018

Making a cool $10k for an hour’s work

Do you want to save $10,000 in tax? If you’re a working couple looking to purchase your first home, read on to find out how you can get ahead. 

Practical advice to help children learn about money

How can you teach children about money now that it’s invisible? We have outlined several activities to engage with your children and instil strong financial values. 

The earlier you start, the better

If you are at the start of your career, now is the best time to implement a disciplined investment strategy. Read our article to find out how to best set yourself up for the future.  

Share market update – diversified portfolio key to stabilising returns

The key to staying ahead is a diversified portfolio. Read on to learn about the recent changes in the share market. 

The best annual returning super fund

The best annual returning super fund for the year has been crowned. However, this should not be taken at face value. Take a look at the array of factors to consider when selecting a super fund. 

Rational decision or knee-jerk reaction? The impact of cognitive bias on your investment decisions

During times of market stress, it’s important to think rationally about investment decisions. We have outlined cognitive biases and their importance in decision-making.

May 2018

The 9 fundamentals of financial independence 

It’s never too late to take control of your finances. Discover how to become financially independent.

Labor’s proposal to scrap cash refunds from unused dividend imputation credits 

What does Labor’s removal of refunds for excess imputation credits mean? Read our article as we outline the policy and its impacts. 

End of financial year and your superannuation contributions 

It’s time to review your superannuation contributions and decide if you want to make additional contributions. Explore how you can boost your retirement funds from early on in your career. 

Investment commentary: market volatility continues despite strong global economy 

The sharp drop in share prices in February can be attributed to the concern about US inflation. Read our article that outlines the recent market volatility and its impact.  

Protecting yourself against cyber fraud: tips for personal information protection 

After reoccurring data breaches and the loss of personal information by large corporations, ensure you are protected from cyber fraud by following our steps.

February 2018

Kick-start your 2018 financial plan

New year, new financial plan. Read our article to take stock of your finances.  

Share market volatility in context of recent gains

Stressed about your investments declining? Read more to find out about Australia’s recent activity in the market. 

Is Bitcoin an investment?

Are you thinking about investing in Bitcoin? Read our article for insight into investment strategies for cryptocurrencies. 

First home super saver scheme

The First Home Super Saver Scheme could make it easier to purchase your first home. Read on to check your eligibility and to find out more about the scheme.

Downsizer superannuation contributions

Are you 65 or older and want to make additional super contributions for retirement? Read our article to find out how you can do so through downsizing. 

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