Remuneration made simple.


REMSMART is remuneration made simple.

BDO is proud to partner with REMSMART to provide data and insights to support your Executive and Board remuneration strategies.

We understand that making the right decisions around remuneration ultimately impacts business performance. That’s why the cloud-based REMSMART portals bring together industry pay insights and in-depth market understanding to deliver an on-demand total reward solution.

Our industry-specific remuneration portals enable you to validate your remuneration data and compare against relevant peer group benchmarking data. The online portals feature a user-friendly dashboard supported by experienced remuneration professionals with a deep understanding of your industry. This unique combination enables you to make competitive retention and reward decisions.

REMSMART portals are trusted by human resources professionals, boards and remuneration committees to help them make informed, robust and defendable remuneration decisions.

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How is the mining and metals sector approaching remuneration during the COVID-19 pandemic?

The New Year brought with it a new sense of investor optimism and purpose. Western Australia, which is responsible for more than 50% of Australia’s mining investment, experienced a 1% growth in GDP in 2018-19, and there were signs of further economic and employment growth in early 2020. But within a few weeks of the pandemic arriving on Australian shores in March 2020, this optimism dissipated.


Pandemic pay insights: mining & metals workforce approaches

Exploring the key actions mining and metals corporations are implementing in response to the COVID-19 crisis. While the impact of Coronavirus is still playing out globally, many businesses around the world are well under-way with implementing their business continuity programs.



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In an unfolding situation like COVID-19, it can feel very much like bracing yourself for battle with an unknown enemy. Each day the parameters are changing, the borders are closing and the enemy is drawing nearer. How your business will emerge at the end of the day, is not only impacted by global legislative, health, and economic factors, but is also strongly tied to your human response, leadership and scenario planning in the time you have NOW.

Equity in lieu of fixed salaries: a wealth sharing framework for business continuity during COVID-19

With the ‘Coronavirus Cost’ to business, companies are seeking new approaches to create workforce stability as non-essential expenditure is shut down and teams are moved to skeleton frameworks or work from home arrangements.


Incentivising executives during a financial crisis

As COVID-19 continues to wreak havoc on the global economy, companies have enacted sweeping changes to secure their business continuity: from hiring freezes to delaying projects to forcing millions to work from home. But executive remuneration and incentive pay is a far trickier beast to navigate—with a number of interwoven ethical, financial and legal implications to consider.

Do not rush to applaud board fee cuts

Are Non-Executive Directors entitled to extraordinary pay as a result of the pandemic? This is the question which many Boards will be grappling with as COVID-19 places greater demands on key leadership time and expertise.