• Independent fleet review

    Efficient and cost effective fleet solutions for your organisation.

Independent fleet review

Companies are inundated with requests and proposals from fleet management companies - all offering a better way of managing your fleet. We can step in and clear the roadblocks for you!

BDO has a reputation for delivering cost savings and efficiencies through fleet management services across Australia. Our comprehensive fleet review services cover all aspects of fleet management. We can create an efficient and cost effective fleet solution for your company.

Let BDO help you achieve cost savings through more efficient procurement, fleet financing and management – so you can spend more company time and resources delivering your services to your clients.

Our approach to fleet management

BDO’s fleet management specialists are focused on delivering fleet solutions that meet your business objectives. As part of this process, BDO can work with you to:  

  • Review your current fleet management arrangements
  • Investigate options for fleet procurement, financing and management
  • Identify outsourced fleet management providers
  • Prepare a request-for-proposal questionnaire and meet with identified providers
  • Evaluate responses and prepare recommendations and strategies
  • Evaluate the quality of systems and processes
  • Develop and implement a company-wide motor vehicle policy
  • Include scope for salary packaging of private-use vehicles for eligible employees
  • Provide ongoing fleet management advice.

Benefits of BDO fleet solutions

BDO has a reputation for achieving excellent results in fleet solutions. By trusting us with your fleet management, you’ll gain peace of mind knowing you are:

  • Removing your Fringe Benefits Tax (FBT) liability
  • Structuring rentals to free-up business cash flow
  • Containing and lowering whole-of-life costs
  • Tailoring lease terms to your budget, policy and purposes
  • Removing your residual value risk
  • Implementing best practice business fleet policies
  • Eliminating your risk and maintenance expenditure
  • Improving proper off-balance sheet accounting and reporting
  • Enabling tax advantages for salary packaging
  • Removing fleet administration burden, allowing you to focus on your business.