• International Business - Africa

    Helping business with inbound and outbound opportunities.


Across Africa and Australia - we have the expertise to help

In today’s global market, organisations are expanding into unknown countries and territories. You need an adviser with knowledge in specific international markets. We have offices in 25 countries in Africa and locations throughout Australia. Our goal is to ensure you receive seamless service throughout the BDO network, and that you are looked after as you embark upon a new chapter in your business. 

Key issues to address

  • Is Africa/Australia right for my organisation and industry?
  • What do I want to achieve in Africa/Australia?
  • What are the existing opportunities in Africa/Australia?
  • What is the best corporate structure for my organisation for tax and accounting purposes?
  • Can someone help me with the cultural differences?
  • Am I able to access Government assistance?
  • What are the regulatory requirements to be observed?
  • What are the market entry implications?

Investing in Australia

We can support African-based companies considering a move to Australia. This includes support at every stage in the process, from initial market entry planning right through to expanding your profile further across the country. Our team can assist you with your entry into Australia. We can help you:

  • Arrange incorporation of a company
  • Organise all necessary tax registrations for the new company
  • Negotiate with management
  • Develop pricing structures and funding arrangements
  • Support appropriate tax planning in relation to funding the Australian entity
  • Relocate existing employees and hire new employees
  • Import equipment and repatriate profits
  • Assist with ongoing compliance obligations (e.g. prepare financial reports or provide assurance services)
  • Conduct financial and operational due diligence and valuations
  • Help with financial modelling of business plans
  • Arrange a privacy policy.

Entry into Africa

Expanding overseas is a complex exercise – unfamiliar cultures, business landscapes, taxation structures and regulatory regimes can present daunting obstacles. Having an experienced team who can navigate you through this new environment is vital.

For organisations looking to capture opportunities provided by Africa, our team can help you minimise risk and maximise your potential by having the right contacts in place to provide local knowledge and expertise.

How can we help you

The BDO team can assist you with your entry into Africa with support to:  

  • Learn about African business cultural behaviours
  • Undertake due diligence of company affairs in Africa
  • Translate documentation and correspondence
  • Perform taxation compliance and accounting services
  • Set up back office functions (selection of financial system, Human Resource policies)
  • Structure and plan for international taxation
  • Conduct preliminary assessments of investment opportunities in Australia
  • Reorganise corporate capital structure in Africa.