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    Proactively detect and manage cyber security incidents.


Security Operations & Incident Management Solutions

Time is everything when it comes to detecting and managing a cyber incident. Establishing an effective cyber defence capability is becoming an important component within an organisation’s cyber resilience strategy. Organisations are now starting to look at implementing their own / procuring a managed Security Operations Centre (SOC) to allow them to proactively detect and manage cyber security incidents. 

Security Operations Centre (SOC)

The SOC is a centralised business cyber security function that operates at a technical level to monitor security events in the business. The key objective is to provide “the eyes and ears of the business” with in-depth, highly skilled, technical information combined with strong security expertise to proactively detect, monitor, identify patterns, manage and rapidly respond to incidents across the business. This function or capability also provides advanced warning on existing and emerging threats.

BDO’s cyber security team helps clients with their cyber defence capability by developing their cyber security operations and incident management capability.

Our Cyber Security Operations & Incident Management services include:

  • SOC health checks and maturity assessments
  • SOC framework development
  • SOC management procedures and cyber event and incident investigation playbook development
  • SOC implementation and readiness reviews
  • SOC attack simulations
  • SOC operations training.

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