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The Australian Migration landscape

Do you understand the risks your business is facing in meeting its global mobility needs?

The Government's recent abolition and replacement of the 457 Visa, is part of an ongoing plan to strengthen the integrity and quality of Australia’s employer sponsored skilled programmes. 

With the significant complexity of Australia’s immigration laws and the ever expanded powers and reach of the Department of Immigration and Border Protection (and the Australian Border Force as the operational enforcement arm), businesses recruiting overseas skilled workers need to be on constant alert to the rapidly changing regulatory framework, to ensure that they stay ahead of potential breaches of the law.

Businesses which are subject to sanction because of visa and related breaches, can face significant civil and criminal pecuniary penalties (and even jail).  Recent high profile cases involving 7-Eleven, Domino’s and Caltex, demonstrate the impact of non-compliance on reputation and brand.

Risk, governance and compliance is now a broader enterprise risk management system which should be embedded into the strategic, business planning, human resource and decision-making processes of the organisation as a whole, endorsed by the Board and senior management.

Learn how to reduce the risks for your organisation, download the migration checklist

BDO Migration Services

BDO Migration Services, an incorporated immigration legal practice provides strategic, expert and practical advice in all aspects of visa and migration related requirements.

Our specialist team of immigration lawyers can assist you with the following risk and related services:

  • Latest advice and assistance on the new era of regulatory complexity and compliance: the role of Directors and officers and the impact on corporate governance regimes.
  • Risk Management Strategy & Program Design: This includes strategy, organisational structure, governance, policies and procedures, training and both internal and external communications.
  • Risk Assessment Due Diligence: Assess risks and identify vulnerabilities of routine human resource and related activities including in-depth risk assessments and advising on risk minimisation and remediation.
  • Human Resource Strategy and Review: Design and implement human resource strategy, and frameworks tailored to business needs and the enterprise generally. This encompasses controls, delegated responsibility, document management systems, and processes which align with immigration and human resources and include data protection, data privacy and monitoring.
  • Managing and responding to sponsorship, monitoring, compliance, investigations and enforcement: enabling the business to meet its sponsorship and related obligations including in the review and provision of information and documents as relevant in each case.
  • Forensic Investigations: Rapid response to incidences of breach including identification of cause and implementation of remediation measures as may be required.
  • Awareness, Training & Education: Customised education and awareness programs for Boards, senior management and staff. 
  • Incident Response Planning: Develop comprehensive reporting to minimise the impact of breach. This considers business critical processes, as well as roles and responsibilities of relevant individuals in the organisation.

For further information please see BDO Migration Services or download the migration checklist.