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Now, more than ever, organisations are faced with threats to their business that can create high-risk issues to develop, such as fraud and corruption if left unchecked. Our BDO Forensic team monitors the regulatory environment, transparency news and emerging trends in Australia and globally to ensure businesses are prepared to act swiftly and respond.

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Volume 1 - Topic: Whistleblowing

The last six months have flown by and today we are in a phase of challenge - a true black swan event. Now is the time to ensure your whistleblowing service is working.

Volume 2 - Topic: Family Law

The bleak economic outlook together with the backdrop of health concerns, financial pressure, social isolation and other mental stressors has sparked anxiety within many families. This has led to an increase in urgent applications to the Family Court.

Volume 3 - Topic: Workplace Crime and detection

Workplace fraud is an ever-evolving threat for organisations, with new types of fraud requiring a continuous assessment of vulnerabilities within the workplace. It is also much more common than you may realise.


Is your organisation at risk of financial crime in a post-COVID-19 world?

BDO delve into the murky world of financial crime – what’s driving it today, the impact of COVID-19 and how executives, directors and boards can protect themselves and their organisations.

What does modern workplace fraud look like in 2021?

Fraud has been, is being, and will always be committed, even as the avenues for theft and what is stolen evolves. While the original goal may have been to defraud organisations out of physical money, the landscape of workplace fraud has shifted - we highlight the new targets and what you can do.

Litigation in uncertain times

The disruption caused by COVID-19 has led to a surge in disputes and the need for businesses to access litigation support. This changing environment means that litigation lawyers need to apply scrutiny and ask the following questions when looking at financial documents.

AS8001 - Are you ready for the changes to fraud and corruption control?

A new Australian Standard AS8001:2008 - Fraud & Corruption Control was released on 11 June, 2021. This Standard is considered the benchmark when it comes to how organisations can mitigate fraud and corruption risks. In this article, he provides his insights into key questions about the new Standard and its revision.

Why fraudsters love working from home

The events of 2020 saw many organisations face their most challenging times, yet fraudsters thrived in the same conditions. What made this time of global upheaval such a good year for fraudsters?

Ten steps all organisations should consider to reduce the risk of internal fraud and theft

Organisations are facing significant challenges when it comes to theft and fraud committed by trusted employees. We have identified several key themes that aided the perpetrators of the alleged frauds and limited the ability of the businesses to identify the issue and effectively manage the incident afterwards.

Are you prepared for investigation of internal fraud and misconduct?

Organisations invest a considerable amount of time, money and resources into recruiting the best employee to help achieve business success. Despite all of the above investment and due diligence, fraud and misconduct incidents within the workplace can still occur. BDO’s Forensic team has identified several key themes that impact the organisations’ ability to effectively investigate the issue and appropriately manage the incident afterwards.

Minimising the risk of common frauds

This case study highlights ‘common’ frauds, including asset misappropriation and financial statement fraud.

Forensic Technology

Shifting the regulatory landscape: Too big to fail and too big to regulate

Recently, regulatory focus has begun to shift to the world’s largest technology corporations (Big Tech), which over the last few years have grown phenomenally.

The importance of restricting system controls

Controlling access to your accounting systems and software is a crucial step in mitigating the risk of fraud occurring. Read our client case study that highlights the importance of restricting system controls in a recent matter.

The future of forensic data collections

As organisation’s transition from being onsite, to working from home regularly, the role of forensic data collection will change in the 'new world'.

Five critical success factors for on-time, high-quality eDiscovery productions

When your organisation needs to respond to a regulatory notice, substantiate a Research & Development (R&D) tax claim on time with the Australian Taxation Office (ATO) or AusIndustry or complete data separation for a carve-out post-merger, time is usually of the essence.

Forensic Investigations

Worn book pages in 1881 used to uncover purchase order splitting in 2021

BDO’s Forensic Services team were recently engaged to review several years of purchase order data, for a large company. Various testing was completed including Benford's Law Two-Digit Testing.

Conflict of interest issues in procurement

There are many organisational decisions that can be impacted by conflicts of interest (COI). So, what should decision makers consider when assessing whether the influence, or perceived influence, of their relationships impacts the procurement process?

Will your financial evidence stand up in the family court?

The pandemic is seeing an increase in urgent applications to the Family Court with physical hearings adjourned during and trials delayed. This changing environment means Family Lawyers need to apply more scrutiny and ask the following questions when looking at financial documents.

Forensics for Family Law

During this webinar, our team discuss discovery and investigation services along with reviewing the different valuation methodologies used in family law and digital forensics.

Anti-money laundering

Fintech Fridays - Open Banking - Opportunity or Threat?

BDO Global Fintech Leader, and Adam Simms, BDO Forensic Services Partner, host Adatree Founder & CEO, Jill Berry, to discuss the open banking in Australia, including anti-money laundering.


Australia has expanded its whistleblowing provisions

Read about Australia's whistleblowing provisions and what it means for your workplace.

Whistleblower protection legislation – what do organisations need to know?

Whistleblowers are key to identifying and calling out misconduct within organisations that harm consumers and the community. In this article, we outline the rules around whistleblowing and its importance.

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