With significant changes in the mining industry, the sector has seen a significant shift in focus. As the pace of new projects slows down, mining companies are focusing on developing their efforts in new areas or regions, including those previously considered too risky. In the current climate, success depends on improving operational efficiency, securing new supply and complying with ever-changing regulatory, reporting and tax requirements, often in foreign jurisdictions.

How BDO can help

BDO helps mining companies - across Australia and internationally - to navigate these complexities and thrive. BDO’s team has completed the most IPOs in Australia since 2007, led by one of the most experienced, partner-led advisory teams in the mining sector.

At BDO we tailor our services to support your needs, regardless of which stage of the lifecycle you are in. Our mining industry services span:

  • Project identification and strategic planning
  • Project funding and support for mergers and acquisitions
  • Exploration and evaluation support
  • Project finance advice
  • Development support
  • Production planning and management.

In addition to traditional audit and tax compliance services, we advise companies and their investors on complex issues including research and development incentives, financial modelling, remuneration and incentive advice, cost and risk management strategies.

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Meet our team

Sherif Andrawes

Sherif Andrawes

Global Head of Natural Resources
National Leader, ESG & Sustainability
Partner, Corporate Finance