Is your business attractive for investors?

25 February 2016

Dylan Byrne, Partner, Business Services |

Investors will be looking for a few key qualities when they invest in your business – are you doing enough to attract their interest?

Generally, once a business moves past the start-up phase and decides to expand, financing is crucial. Whether you’re looking to grow globally, increase local operations or move into new markets, being able to access capital is an essential part of the equation.

Many new businesses are effectively forced to finance internally due to a lack of financing options. However as the business grows and becomes more adaptable, funding future expansion often requires looking to external finance sources.

This financing can come in many forms – including bank finance, investment by known investors, and venture capital. Regardless of the source, businesses must appropriately position themselves to attract investment.

The good news is the features that make a company attractive for investors are also the foundations of a strong company. This makes the process of attracting investment a valuable undertaking no matter the overall direction of the business or the level of finance required.

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