• 2020 BDO Investor Readiness Program

2020 BDO Investor Readiness Program

24 January 2020

Many business owners we come across have strong growth potential but have reached a point where future growth requires external funding. This external funding is greatly dependent on whether the business is “investor ready” or not. We find businesses who are not investor ready but progress through the external funding process are:

  1. Not nimble enough to take advantage of the potential opportunities and lose the investment all together; or
  2. The capital raising process is substantially more cumbersome and exhausting than required.

BDO, in collaboration with the Department of Primary Industries and Regional Development, is hosting a webinar series aimed at assisting businesses to become investor ready and ensure their capital raising process is smooth and efficient. Over this three-part webinar series, we will guide you through the key elements of becoming investor ready, along with the key considerations for executing the capital raising process successfully.

Who should attend?

This webinar series is suitable for business owners and leaders who are:

  • Looking to maximise the value of their business;
  • Considering their succession plan; or
  • Looking for external investment to continue the growth of their business.
Date* Topic  
28 February 2020

Maximising investor readiness   

Our Merger and Acquisitions specialist Todd Grover will host this webinar. Todd has extensive experience in negotiating and structuring corporate transactions across many sectors of industry. During this webinar, he will discuss the core elements that contribute to businesses being considered investor ready. This webinar will leave you with a greater understanding of what is means to be investor ready and practical tips to maximise the value of your business.

13 March 2020

Capital raising, exiting strategies and legal structures

Our experienced tax and business adviser Danny Olsen will host this webinar. Danny has considerable experience in assisting clients navigate the increasing complexities of tax and accounting, along with a passion for business improvement. He will explore the aspect of legal ownership structures and the implications of these on the capital raising process. You will leave this webinar with a greater understanding of the various legal structures and the importance of legal structuring at the business growth and capital raising stages.

22 May

Palgrove – Case Study

Our seasoned Mergers and Acquisition adviser Margaux Beauchamp will host this webinar. Margaux leads BDO Brisbane’s Food and Agribusiness Sector group and has advised on well over 100 transactions with a combined value of more than $5 billion. For this webinar, Margaux will be interviewing her client Palgrove, where they will share their journey to becoming investor ready and the capital raising process. 


*All sessions held from 11:00AM - 12:30PM (AWST).

Investor Readiness Masterclasses 2020

This event has been postponed and will be rescheduled. For further information please contact [email protected]

Investor Readiness Masterclasses (Busselton & Geraldton)

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Masterclass 1 – Maximising your value

The first step in becoming Investor Ready is to assess how prepared your business is for investment, understand what will increase your business value and make it a more attractive investment opportunity.  The second step is to build a business plan that clearly identifies the opportunities, as well as your business mission, purpose and values. Understanding how your business and personal goals will impact your strategy and set high level objectives and detailed initiatives for the core components of your business. Throughout this masterclass, you will be introduced to the concept of investor readiness and the core elements of what makes a business investor ready. Additionally, you will leave with a detailed understanding of the business planning and strategic planning concept, to apply to your own business.



Masterclass 2 – Know your numbers

An essential part of becoming Investor Ready is improving your financial literacy. When business owners understand their financial information, they make informed strategic decisions that result in increased business value and financial stability. In this masterclass you will learn how to structure your financial information for greater insight into your business, identify additional revenue opportunities in your target market sand develop a scorecard of key financial success metrics.



Masterclass 3 – People and processes

Having the right people in the right roles, who are not reliant on the business owner, significantly enhances the value of your business. A strong management team reduces investment risk and enhances future earning capabilities. Learn how to structure and motivate a leadership team with the best corporate governance for your business. A business with documented systems and processes is not only more attractive to an investor but it is well placed for rapid growth. In this masterclass you review existing business operations and identify inefficiencies and areas of risk plus discover apps and software that can help streamline processes.



Masterclass 4 – Business valuation and exit strategies

Calculating your business value is a critical part of attracting investors. There are several ways to value a business. In this masterclass, we teach you how to apply the Capitalisation of Profit Valuation methodology to your business. Through this process, you identify what is influencing risk and the value drives for your business. We help you understand the options for investment in your business and the implications of each. To be sale and investor ready it is critical you understand the due diligence process and what to captured in a data room.