A practical guide to using data in decision making

25 August 2020

Angus Strachan, Partner, Business Services |

Data doesn't need to be daunting. Used effectively, it will ensure your business decisions are as efficient and well-informed as they can be. Harnessing the right data at the right time, in one easy to navigate place, can make all the difference.

Join BDO's Angus Strachan and Talis Evans as they talk through the key steps in data-based decision making for your business - no jargon or acronyms involved!

  • Who in the business should be accessing & using data?
  • What data should you be capturing and using?
  • How do you capture and present that data most effectively?

Our guests Isaac Harris from Reflections Holiday Parks and James & Sarah Corbitt from Summerstar Tourist Parks also discuss how they use data effectively in their businesses for improved decision making and performance management.