• BDO Lead

    A tool for lease management and IFRS 16.


BDO Lead - IFRS 16 Leases tool

If you are looking for an easy-to-use IFRS 16 compliant technology solution to manage your lease portfolio, look no further than BDO Lead. BDO Lead gives you control over you lease data and the ability to process changes and prepare reports effectively and efficiently across all your leases.

BDO Lead has been developed by our IFRS experts and custom-built by our IT experts. BDO Lead is a cloud solution hosted on Microsoft Azure.

The main benefits of using BDO Lead, are that you have control of your own data but also access to our very experienced IFRS experts to talk you through the relevant considerations when performing your lease calculations.   

What is BDO Lead SaaS?

BDO Lead helps you transfer existing data, supplemented by additional parameters necessary for accounting (under IFRS 16), to a single database. Features include:

  • Ability to manage thousands of leases where data is entered into a spreadsheet and BDO Lead takes care of the calculations
  • Recognising the transitional effects and ongoing impacts on KPIs and relevant disclosure requirements
  • Importing existing lease contract data via an import interface
  • Guiding the user through the complexity of the standard and providing the final journal entry for existing and new lease contracts
  • Ensuring that the history of data inputs can be retrieved at any time and in contrast to a spreadsheet program, unintentional overwriting of information is not possible.

IFRS 16 Web-based application

As a web-based portal, BDO Lead allows users to input their lease information (when it starts, the monthly payment, end date and borrowing rate), and will:

  • Calculate the interest expense for the period
  • Calculate the depreciation for the period
  • Calculate the right-of-use asset and lease liability at the end of the period
  • Take care of the presentation in the financial statements.

Created by both IFRS experts and software developers, BDO Lead takes into account transitioning and ongoing maintenance of leases.

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What are the benefits of using BDO Lead?

  • Business resources are free for alternative use e.g. to meet key business objectives
  • Saves time consuming training into the details of the new leasing standards
  • Ensures the efficient and timely implementation of IFRS 16 which meets the highest quality standards.
  • Opportunity to entirely restructure your lease accounting and lease management
  • BDO Lead is an intuitive and end user friendly tool.

Your accounting engine does not need to be adapted

  • BDO can advise on project design and contract evaluation and guide you through the process
  • Tailored to suit your needs e.g. select (modules) functions you need.
  • Created by experts in the technical and financial reporting
  • Trust and comfort that you have expert IFRS advisers dealing with lease accounting accurately.
  • Safe storage and contract maintenance
  • Direct and clear processes to identifyand address issues
  • Increase in transparency.
  • Lease recognition is automated, transparent and easier to handle – significantly increasing the efficiency of lease accounting.


Please contact me or any of our friendly and professional IFRS experts to discuss BDO Lead, our wonderful IFRS 16 technology solution.

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