Award & EBA Compliance Obligations

Businesses are obliged to pay their employees correctly, fully and appropriately, and should do so in a timely manner. But, employers often don't understand their obligations under Australia's highly complex industry awards systems.

If a business doesn’t have an effective way of recording hours worked and checking staff overtime, or does not interpret and apply their Award or EBA (Enterprise Bargaining Agreement) obligations correctly, they are at risk of paying employees incorrectly and breaching their obligations.

This poses significant risks for any business, including reputational damage, financial impacts, immigration restrictions and criminalisation.

How BDO can help

At BDO, we work closely with legal professionals to confirm the interpretation of the pay instruments before conducting any analysis or review. Our Payroll Advisory specialists work with businesses to mitigate these Award and EBA compliance risks.

Our services in this area include:

  • Payroll audits: One-time or periodic reviews of large population payroll data against relevant award or EBA obligations
  • Quantification reviews: Calculate potential under and/or over payments for all relevant employees and time periods, where there is a known and validated payroll error
  • Recalculation of payroll
  • System implementation support: Support design, build, testing and roll-out of new time, attendance and payroll solutions in order to promote compliance
  • Cost modelling: Support negotiations for future EBAs.

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