• Employer obligations

    Our team can assist employers with their employee superannuation obligations.

Employer superannuation and employment tax obligations

As an employer, do you understand the superannuation obligations you are required to satisfy on behalf of your employees? Compulsory superannuation guarantee requires employers to pay superannuation for almost all workers on some or all of their income.

Additionally, income tax needs to be withheld at source and, depending on the location and size of the business, state based payroll taxes also need to be paid.

Our Payroll Advisory team can assist employers with their employee superannuation obligations, including:

  • Payroll configuration: Assess whether payroll is configured to satisfy statutory superannuation and taxation obligations
  • Superannuation reviews: Review employee data to attest whether appropriate superannuation amounts have been paid
  • Superannuation guarantee remediation: Correct underpayments via ATO voluntary disclosure and work through the SGC reporting process
  • ATO and SRO Audits: Support clients with effective responses to audits and investigations, and work to minimise penalties.

If you would like to find out more about your business’ employer superannuation obligations, please contact the team at BDO today.