Cyber Insurance Services

Many business owners underestimate both the likelihood and the impact of a cyber incident. Cyber incidents affect Australian organisations of all sizes each year, disabling business systems and holding critical data to ransom.

A cyber incident or data breach can result in the loss of your intellectual property and your customers’ confidential data. The flow-on effects can be significant - financial loss through fraud, lost income, remediation costs, litigation, and especially, damage to your reputation.

How BDO can help

This unique service offering is designed to assist business owners before, during and after a cyber incident, and includes:

  • Cyber insurance readiness self-assessment: This service provides you with an introductory assessment of your organisation’s approach to cyber risk management. This will allow you to quickly determine whether your organisation is ready to adopt cyber insurance. 
  • Cyber insurance risk assessment: This service enables you to identify and understand the cyber risks your business is exposed to. We assist you to develop strategies to reduce, avoid or transfer risk.
  • Detailed cyber insurance review: This service provides you with a thorough assessment of your current insurance program to determine what (if any) cyber coverage is available or identifies what may be missing.
  • Cyber insurance design service: This service assists you to design a tailored cyber insurance policy that meets your specific needs.
  • Claims preparation service: This service supports you through the process of lodging an insurance claim after a cyber incident. We assist you to verify the impact on your business to maximise your claim.

These services have been developed to address the areas of most concern to all businesses, such as reputational damage, loss of revenue, business interruption, mandatory data breach reporting, and more.

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