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    Blockchain, cyber security and data analytics.


Specialised Technology Services


Blockchain technology has been considered the ‘new internet’, with some people believing it will revolutionise the way we access, verify and transact information with one another.

Blockchain technology provides an open, decentralised database of every transaction involving value. It’s a way of exchanging value without relying on the third parties to manage those transactions, increasing trust in transactions and validating ownership assets.

The decision to adopt Blockchain is a business decision, not just a technology decision. There is a lot of hype around Blockchain, and at BDO, we can assist you to define if you have a real world problem that can be solved using Blockchain.

What is Blockchain?

The central concept of Blockchain is that it is a distributed database or ledger, replicated across a network of computers, providing both transparency and security. Blockchain's other key element is that it's cryptographically validated, linking one set (or "block") of transactions to the other. This means once a transaction has been completed, it's impossible for that to be changed because all computers on the network have exactly the same copy.

The other key concept is known as a Smart Contract, which in simple terms is a way to digitally create, verify, and execute the negotiation and performance of a contract between parties, with the transaction recorded on the Blockchain.

Cyber Security

The rapid growth of technology innovation and wide spread internet connectivity are exposing more individuals, businesses and systems to cyber risks. As the number and sophistication of cyber-attacks increase, organisations need to improve their overall cyber resilience in order to respond to and recover from these incidents.

The traditional information security model - one that is compliance-focused, perimeter protection oriented, and aimed at securing enterprise applications does not address the realities of today’s cyber risk landscape. At BDO, we enable our clients to understand the evolving cyber risk landscape to ensure cyber resilience.

Our cyber security team will work with you to understand your cyber security risks and tailor an approach to improve your cyber resilience.

Cyber Security Services

Data Analytics

Cloud technology has enabled us to automatically collect and store information across every business function and customer touch point. Data Analytics unlocks this data to provide your organisation with a system to evaluate the past and plan for the future.

BDO can assist your organisation to leverage its data through a range of reporting, dashboard and scenario planning tools, whilst implementing strategies to protect your valuable data.

Our Data Analytics services include:

  • Big data strategy
  • Information Management Architecture
  • Data warehouse developing
  • Data visualisation
  • Machine Learning and Predictive Analytics.

Data Analytics Services

Agribusiness Technology (AgTech)

With the AgTech landscape rapidly changing, technologies such as Internet of Things, Cloud Software and Robotics present efficiency and growth opportunities as well as complexity and risk in their adoption. 

BDO’s AgTech Advisory service provides clarity for Agri-businesses in a complex and fractured technology ecosystem. Our process develops your requirements into a solution design and road map which establishes a foundation for the adoption and integration of AgTech throughout your organisation.

Client Sectors: Viticulture and Wineries; Cropping; Horticulture; Agribusiness Logistics; Food Processing and Retailing

Our AgTech services include:

  • Technologies: Software Systems, IOT, Blockchain, AI, Robotics
  • Ag-Tech Advisory: Requirements Development, Business Case Development, Technology Identification and Research, Due-Diligence and Risk Advisory, Solution Architecture, Procurement Management, Implementation Project Management
  • Data Management and Integration: Data and Information Architecture, Data Preparation and Migration, API Integration and Middleware Development, Data Lake and Warehouse Development, BI Reporting and Dashboard Visualisation, Predictive Business Intelligence, Data Team as a Service – Analysts and Developers.

Agribusiness Technology Services