• Carbon & Energy Management

    Leverage the opportunities of effective carbon and energy management.


Sustainable Carbon and Energy Management practices

Is your business leveraging the opportunities inherent in effective carbon and energy management? Do you want to become a more sustainable business and grow it at the same time?

Businesses in Australia are no longer legally required to comply with sustainability and carbon trading schemes. This has resulted in a paradigm shift – and raised many more questions for business owners.

Why should your business participate in carbon markets when no longer required to? Have you protected yourself from any issues that may arise if any sustainability legislation is passed?

There are many opportunities for business operators to leverage voluntary schemes like the Emission Reduction Fund (ERF). BDO’s experienced team can help determine whether or not your business needs to factor in carbon management or energy planning into your strategic goals. They can also assess whether your business can benefit from participating in some of the schemes available.

We can help you consider:

  • Application of carbon tax legislation to individual business entities
  • Carbon management plan
  • Energy and emissions calculations
  • Emission reductions
  • Energy audits
  • Organisational change
  • Carbon audits.

Learn more about the financial impact of voluntary emission trading schemes to your business.